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Sweet Relief June 3, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 2:16 pm

The baby is fine.

Heartbeat is 140 bpm. CTR measures 7 weeks 1 day (so exactly 1 week behind based on due date, which is no big deal — it simply means I ovulated later than the charts say I should have; what do they know about real life anyway). The subchorionic hemorrhage is just about gone and has reduced in size since the last scan. It is the culprit for the spotting and the u/s tech said it is “tiny” compared to what she has seen in other women. The doctor doing the u/s reads will call me tomorrow, but she reassured me that everything looks great. I’ll take that!!

Thank you so much for the prayers. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how grateful I am to have praying friends and bloggy buddies.

As for my spiritual state — I finally gave this all over to God last night. It was a tearful prayer/quiet time and I felt complete peace afterwards. I’m fine since then and even happy now. What a week last week was. Such a hard time. But now I’m on cloud nine and I think I’ll go celebrate. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll take the kids for Tropical Smoothies after their naps. That sounds very way yum!!

Have a great day! See ya tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Sweet Relief”

  1. You know, we are all here around you … smiling with you, right now.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    šŸ˜€ Thanks girlie!

  3. carey Says:

    I am doing the happy dance right now for you!!!!! Big *sigh* of relief.

    Have a wonderful evening. šŸ™‚

  4. Cynthia Says:

    What wonderful news to hear! We’ll continue praying!

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Thank You!!! XO!


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