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Sticky Plasma June 5, 2008

Sounds medical, doesn’t it? Sounds kinda gross too. Well, I don’t mean blood plasma. No. I mean my husband is stuck in sticky plasma from his new TV.

The television is a tool for me. I use it to entertain my kids while I am showering, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, or need a breather for a few. I don’t watch it. Therefore, it has no importance to me. As far as I’m concerned, it can be a black and white 17 incher and that would be just dandy.

Opposites attract.

My husband, on the other hand, is a sports addict. He also loves the show “Cops”. That’s what he unwinds to at night (or I should say early morning) after a hard day at work. Guess there is nothing like watching stupid people doing stupid things like breaking the law to bring you down from your day. I don’t know. The few times I have seen it I have had a good laugh or a big jaw drop and a [suck in your breath real hard and look away from the TV] reaction.

Anyhow. He talked me into DVR and HD service through our satellite company back in yadda yadda. I can’t remember, but it hasn’t been that long ago. Since it really didn’t cost that much more a month and since we’ll never switch satellite companies, I didn’t mind agreeing to another 2 year contract and buying a receiver. It made him so happy and since he’s the dough boy I thought I better let him have his toy. I see diamonds in my future. LOL! See I don’t use sex to bribe him into fine jewelry. Nope. I use electronics. Ha!!

Our giant screen projection TV broke yesterday. I was all doing the happy dance until I realized what that meant to my moments of freedom during the day and my husband’s no brainer moments at night. I guess we really did need either a repair or a new TV. He was rejoicing!! Totally rejoicing!! He immediately started looking online at plasma and LCD TVs. I rolled my eyes. I’m all about the repair. He’s all about a brand new high powered high fallutin mumbo jumbo can even leap buildings in a single bound TV. I sighed heavily.

See he’s been begging me off and on for a fancy shmancy TV like this for oh about 2 years now (he’ll argue with me about this). I kept telling him there is nothing wrong with the TV we have. So God smiled on him yesterday and the daggon thing bit the dust. No picture. Sound. No picture. He called a friend of ours who manages an electronics store and is quite the gadget and handyman type. Friend says, “man, that will cost about $400 for the part and another $200 for service and that’s IFFFF that’s all that is wrong… those TVs weren’t built to last more than 5 years” and our TV was 7 years old. We got 2 extra years out of it I guess. Lucky us [sarcasm]. So basically we bought the Chevy of TVs. We now needed a Toyota.

You should have seen him this afternoon all giddy like a school girl making his plans to go to Sears b/c they had such a great deal. Turns out there was more to the story and we don’t like being misled. Off to Circuit City he goes. About 2 hours later he calls me and tells me his fantastic news. He got a plasma TV plus a stand plus some fancy wire piece for no interest for 24 months. He got himself a deal. The total price is about half what it would have been a year ago for the same exact giganticarama plasma TV that is now perched in our living room. I mean this sucker is HUGE. And, even I have to admit, it’s a beautiful piece of electronic paradise. Stunning even.

Then        We         Turned        It          On

Hippy Dippy Do Da!! I thinks me likes me new TV so much me might just have to watch it. Even if it’s golf, which to me is like watching paint dry. However, golf in HD is gorgeous. You can even smell the grass. Well, almost.

Forget the grill kids. We’re having a party and YOU’RE bringing the food. I’m telling you it will be a priviledge just to get to sit on our couch with the remote in your hand.

I guess I got stuck in the sticky plasma too.

Yeah. It’s like that one.
50 inches.
C’mon over!


4 Responses to “Sticky Plasma”

  1. jalack Says:

    Dang……your husband is so cool…..I wish I was as cool as him….man…..I want one……..has he hooked up the surround sound to it yet? He is getting blue-ray player isn’t he? I bet he already has one… you guys are cool…..Hey, Heidi, will you talk to my wife about this?

  2. wbppsh7 Says:

    Seriously, I think I’m already on your couch in the barcalounger part, you can keep the remote, I’m just here to smell everything through the TV. Oh, I hope Sun Chips are good enough (I will try and watch the crumbs)

  3. We got ours right before the start of last years football season. Well, being in Wisconsin and the state laws the way they are we are watching the Packers play on the new big ass television and sure enough you could see every single one of Donald Driver’s pimples. Yuppers, Double D has adult onset acne. I would not have known that with my high-faluting tv.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    J: Just don’t bring it up yet. Wait until the baby is beyond the middle of the night crying every 2 hours pattern. So give it about 6 months, diamond something in hand, and then lay it on with promises of dinners out at fine dining establishments. Good luck with that! 🙂

    A: Sun Chips are great! Don’t worry about the crumbs. I got my electronic thing of choice 2 years ago — A Dyson. Oh yeah! 😀


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