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Let Me Be Frank (a perfect rant on CC) June 16, 2008

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I named this site Candid Chatter because I am quite truthful and transparent on here. I don’t tell you everything about me and my life, but I do reveal quite a bit of information about me that would make others squirm. And I like it that way. And I’m comfortable with that.

One of the first things I typed when I started this so many months ago was “Why Do I Blog”. It’s up in the right hand corner highlighted in the blue bar. See it? In there I distinctly said that I am a Christian, however, I do not wish to debate my faith. Period. I still mean that.

And      I       Won’t

No matter who you are.

Another thing I will not allow on here is for anyone to put down any of my friends or readers. This is MY site. If you want to dog people go fetch your own site and do just that. Enjoy yourself. But keep it off of my site. I will delete any comment that puts down my friends or readers – even slightly. Especially if you want to put up this “oh I’m not bashing you or what you believe” line of crap and then exactly 3 sentences later you are doing just what you said you weren’t doing.

Are          You         Kidding         Me

So friend, family, complete and utter stranger… don’t go there. I am so flippin’ done with this. Grow some guts and call me if you want to discuss this matter. If you don’t have my number, e-mail me. However, I will not allow that kind of thing in this public forum that I use to relax, sort out MY thoughts and emotions and inner struggles, and journal and write things that I am interested in. This site is for me, by me, and all about me.

Any of you tempted to write comments (esp for the first time ever) on my site that are derogatory in nature have my permission to not come back. It’s as easy as clicking on another link. Try it.

For the rest of you… thank you for sticking by me all these months and for sharing in my life. I truly value and cherish those of you who respectfully comment and share/disagree with/misunderstand everything I go through online. You are wonderful people and may God bless each of you.


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