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New Tattoo Designs June 26, 2008

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So my little brother “R” and I talked about this tattoo idea. It’s his idea, but I’m joining in (after the baby is born and I’m done breastfeeding of course). My grandma who passed away last November had a butterfly tattoo. My brother has a picture of it. We are both getting replicas done. Where? I don’t know yet. Maybe on my side? Somewhere a little less painful than the others that I have so no spine and no ankle. Yee-ouch!

I also saw a super cool idea last night. My friend’s sister-in-law has a white ink tattoo on her wrist that says “be still”.  It almost looks like she tanned around it. I got the idea that it might glow if there was a black light to shine on it. She said it doesn’t glow. But it sort of looks like it would. So I have to have one now. I might get my kid’s initials — BLR, JCR, ??R we don’t know the 3rd yet. Cool, cool, cool.

Anyone have a tattoo idea whether or not you’ll go through with it? I am becoming increasingly addicted. The two I mentioned I know I’ll get. I have other ideas too, but not sure if I want so many.

If you could get a tattoo
what would it be and where
would you stick it?


2 Responses to “New Tattoo Designs”

  1. jen gray Says:

    I currently have four and getting a fifth next month for my b-day. Ankle wasn’t too bad (hybiscuc flowers). Spine very painful (Sun). Middle of shoulder blade no problem (moon. Had to be done twice)! It was my first one and it didn’t hurt at all, thats how I became addicted. Next one will hurt. Blossoming lutus just under the base of my neck. I hear the painful places are on the sides, feet and spine. I think it all depends on pain threshold.

    The butterfly sounds pretty and a nice tribute to grandma!

  2. tawny Says:

    Hi, I accidently clicked on you from Pete’s blog. I went back a couple pages. I like your writing! I would love to get at tattoo except, they hurt. I can’t get past the paying for pain part. 🙂

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