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Don’t Take This Wrong, But… June 27, 2008

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When I go to other websites… blogs, sites, whatever… I can’t stand the music. It could be something really jam worthy, but it drives me bonkers. I always, and I mean always, scroll really fast and hit pause as soon as I hear something coming out of my speakers. Especially country or rap. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

However, if you have music on your site go for it. I might be the only one in the blogosphere who hates it.

I don’t mind the YouTube things b/c it’s up to me to click it or not. But the ready installed music whatever programs… GuhRRRRRR.

Also, ads. If you have ads on your site — unless it’s a really super site like Ragamuffin Soul, then for-freaking-get-it. I won’t visit much, if at all. I feel used. Sell out, is what I think. If it’s a commercial blog. Ok. But a personal one. Puh-leeez. I know this one blog that used to be fantastic. This lady was soooo hysterical. Then one day she got popular and ads started showing up and her funny butt blog turned into a job and poof went the funny and fun stuff. It became forced and so I quit her site. She’s probably raking in the bucks, but she lost me and probably a few others. I’ve read comments on her site since then of people complaining that she is no longer “her” online anymore. Sooo, I’m not the only one who thought she went in the toilet when she started making money for her formerly witty stories.

However, if you have ads and you’re happy with that. Go for it. It’s just not for me.

Anyway, don’t get offended. This is my honesty. I’m sure I’ve ticked someone off. What’s new?

What drives you nuts
about websites & blogs?


4 Responses to “Don’t Take This Wrong, But…”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    I can’t believe someone finally said it! While I can live with the music I’m just not sure why one would put it on there. Maybe it should be an option on the side or something.

  2. jalack Says:

    The music drives me nuts. It can be a song I really like and I still don’t want to hear it. I visit to read a blog, not listen to music. Now if you want to put sound to a blog….then narrate your blog. I’m with ya on that H.

  3. I agree with your other comments! Music is for CDs, the radio, or for the background of a movie! It was not meant for blogs!

  4. Lauren Says:

    LOL! My speakers are always on mute for that exact reason!!! 🙂 I can’t stand unexpected sounds coming out of my computer (plus I usually web surf during nap/quiet time!)

    I’m 99% sure I know who you are reffering too with your popular blogger. I totally agree. I don’t go there anymore…I think she lost me right around the time she starting saying “and if you like this you might try these other products I recommend.” Please. (((S-E-L-L- O-U-T.))) I’m happy for her, but I think she is now saving her funny stuff for the books.

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