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So That Was Fluffy July 11, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 7:28 am

I know it was. But it was also true. I guess the kind of fluff I don’t like is the fake/forced kind. All that fluff was the real kind.

I am so tired today. The kids are painting. Hopefully just the paper and not themselves, their clothes, or the furniture. I got all caught up in some posts/blogs about whether tattoos are sins or not. Christians fighting with other Christians. It’s so encouraging. [giant eyeroll]

Did you all know that CC Deville of Poison is a born again Christian now? I just found this out yesterday while surfing some of my favorite blogs. Anyway, I think it’s awesome and of course now I’m praying for him.

I should go do something today. I think if I got out of the house I’d feel less fatigued. [giant yawn]

Have a great day. TGIF!!! That actually meant more to me when I had a job other than Queen of the Suburbs.


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