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The Toddler Whisperer July 12, 2008

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If I have learned nothing else from being a mom of two beautiful children 19 months apart… well, let’s just say I can probably even translate what your 2-3 year old is saying. Try me. I can probably even translate what your 18 month old is saying. I am the toddler whisperer.

We went to Target yesterday. I love Target. I could spend hours in that store if I was by myself. Before I had kids I did spend hours there. Those were the days. Anyway…

Me: Brianna, I told you to stay with me.
Brianna: Mommy, I am with you. I’m just a little behind you.
Me: I meant stay right beside me.
Brianna: [sighs, slaps her legs with her hands] Mooom!!
Me: Jeremy, if you don’t stay with me I will make you ride in the cart.
Jeremy: [speeds up to brush my leg with his hand] Mommy I right heeere.
Me: [roll my eyes]

Later… only like 2 minutes later…

Me: You kids are about 2 seconds from being strapped to this cart, do you hear me? Brianna don’t touch that and put that back.
Brianna: Mommy, I amn’t. [translation: amn’t = am not]

So I told you about “Goat” here. [translation: goat = snore]

Jeremy: Mommy, the baby bird is hong-gree. [translation: hong-gree = hungry]

I get stopped all the time because our 2 year old (27 months to be exact), Jeremy, can talk like he’s 3 1/2. Women, usually with 2 year olds of their own, stop me and ask me how old he is. I get all proud and tell them he’s only 2. They usually try to tell me how far behind in development their 2 year old is because all he or she will do is throw tantrums and point and yell. I try to reassure them that Jeremy is a child genius and that their child isn’t lagging behind, mine is just super smart and a member of MENSA already. LOL! Just kidding. But maybe I should have him tested. I don’t know. I’m thinking I should have named him Tate. Ever see that movie?

So I get nervous for this next baby to come along. I will have to sharpen my toddler whisperer skills if this one can’t talk by the time he or she is 10 months old. Yeah, his or her big brother was spouting off things like ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘poppy’, and such by the time he was 9 months old. While other children his age were learning to walk, which he had no interest in until he was 14 months old, he was working on his vocabulary. Anyway, this next baby is going to put a hurtin’ on me if the vocab isn’t sharp.

Bring over your toddlers. Or record them and e-mail me. I need to brush up on my translating. Jeremy is just getting too good. In fact, he already knows his colors, his alphabet, counts to 12, and can probably pitch a tent without instructions. Heck, for all I know, he can probably read.

Have a great Saturday. See you soon.


6 Responses to “The Toddler Whisperer”

  1. jalack Says:

    sounds like Jeremy has a southern accent (hong-gree). Whats funny is I have lived in the south a better part of my life and I can’t understand some of the people here. Maybe you need to move to the real south to brush up on your toddler whisper they both sound about the same….think I’m gowna head to the creek and get wet, its hotter than the ninth level of hell.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    LOL. I don’t think he does. I used to say that to him when he would cry as a baby… “Jay-jay, are you hong-gree??”. I thought it was funny when he started to say it back. And I hear ya about the heat… however, tonight it’s actually nice outside and if it wasn’t a bit moist out I’d turn off the AC and open the windows. Now that’s sayin’ somethin’ for Florida. Ya’ll. šŸ˜‰


  3. carey Says:

    Heidi how cute is that…I love it when toddlers talk and you can actually understand them! Ali being the oldest when she was two she had her physical and proceded to tell the doctor that she was going to be a pe-dia-tri-tion.

    The doc’s like “Does she always talk like this?” I had no idea that was special–heck, she’s my first, I thought all two year olds talked like her!

    They’re all different and I wouldn’t want them to be the same! By the way she’s in honor’s college at the University of Michigan with an 3.9 grade point! (brag, brag)

    So glad to hear you’re doing well!



  4. wbppsh7 Says:

    Gotta funny to share. Regan goes to a sitter and there are many other little ones there. One other little boy is not quite a year youner than Regan (almost 4). One day he told the sitter that he wanted “Ollies” for lunch. She tried to figure it out and ended up asking Regan what the little boy wanted for lunch. Regan piped up and said “Ravioli’s”. That had me rolling and thinking that maybe I had a translator on my hands. We will see.

  5. jenn3 Says:

    Okay, I’ll brag too… Haha. I have an almost two year old (22 months) and she is speaking three and four (and sometimes five) wordd sentences. I thought it was normal until my friends start stressing out because their two year olds are only saying mama and dada and whining for stuff. She also knows her abc’s and counts to ten. She doesn’t know all her colors yet, but she’s working on it. Oh, and she can sing all the verses to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star without help. (I’m not proud or anything.) I was thinking that maybe girls are just faster learners, but after hearing about your son, I guess I can’t use that excuse anymore.

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Regan is the toddler whisperer. LOL Ali!!

    Jenn: I know how you feel being so proud. My son also sings lots of songs and has for awhile. I used to think boys were slow, but he has shown me otherwise. Congrats on your MENSA member too. šŸ˜‰ Ha ha!


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