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New Neighbors July 14, 2008

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We have new neighbors. They seem to be really cool people too. A young couple with a 2 1/2 year old daughter. Perfect for our kids. They are delighted that we have two around her age and one coming. I think we like them. It’s really cute sometimes b/c this is their first home. They moved from apartment living to the house they own next door… and it’s brand new. Good for them! But the funny thing is the man mows his grass like every other day. Rich says he’ll get sick of that soon enough. Must be excited to have a lawn and a lawn mower.

I remember our first home. Unfortunately, we still own it. Thankfully, we have a very good tenant living there. But oh how we’d love to sell that home. Anyway, we had it built by a popular home builder in Columbus, Ohio in 2002. It was small (1300 sq ft), but I decorated the freaking crap outta that place. My dad always commented on how it looked like a furniture showroom. That made me smile. People loved our house despite the size. I’ll admit it was pretty daggone cute. It was!

This is our 2nd home to own and our 3rd house to live in. It is much bigger than the other two and I am not as precise about how it looks either. Well, I am, but I don’t have the time or the energy to keep it looking like a showroom. Nope. But someday this house will knock your freaking socks off when you walk inside. Our plans are massive. We love the layout. That’s why we bought it. It rocks. But there are zero upgrades except for the kitchen cabinets. We want to put granite countertops in the kitchen, remodel the kitchen and maybe make it a little different, put hardwood floors throughout the entire house (w/the exception of slate floors in the bathrooms), install french doors to my office, get a pool & lanai for the backyard, extend the front porch and put in fancy wrought iron decorative fencing, landscape, paint, wallpaper (maybe?), and so much more. I think I even want my garage decked out.

We plan to live here for awhile. A long while. Like till the kids are in college. We’ll enjoy all we’ve done and then move to a quaint little place on the water in Palm City, buy a boat, and live the Florida life all the old folks dream of. Ahhh. Our dreams.

I love our new house. It’s perfect for us. I love our new neighborhood. This is my home. I may not have been born and raised in Florida, but this is where I feel the most grounded. My home sweet home.

Where is home for you?


5 Responses to “New Neighbors”

  1. jalack Says:

    Alabama, ROLL TIDE!!!! I have owned three houses and all three seem to have been a starter home. I want to build my dream house, but I think I want to build it in Florida.
    As for mowing grass, ya’ll may think its crazy but I was praising God for the opportunity to mow my grass for the first time at my new house. After losing my house and family in a divorce and living in a 1 bedroom fleabag for 3 years, I am thankful that God let me have another house.

  2. Sounds like you have big plans! Hopefully, your checkbook will catch up to your dreaming. I know for us, that rarely seems to happen.

    We have our house on the market right now and want to buy a home that is larger, with a bigger yard. Unfortunately, I think we hired the wrong real estate agents! They aren’t doing a great job and they haven’t brought a single prospect by. They keep saying that people will love it the minute they walk in (my wife is the world’s best decorator–she has the perfect eye for it), but, you’ve got to get people in before they will buy!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: Fire them and hire a new company. You don’t want sunshine pumped up your butt, you want a buyer. Good luck! Yeah about the checkbook affording our dreams. And we pay cash for everything except our mortgage and car payments (learned that lesson the hard way). So it might be a dream, but a little at a time is what we think and nothing until the kids are beyond their toddler destruction stage and running around the house stage and well… it’s a dream… a girl can dream!!


  4. My favorite home was the previous one. We had a sinful amount of storage, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Fantastic massive closets. Sold it to be a chunk of woods on the outskirts of the city. Nice place but I want my closet space back 😉

  5. Heidi…we all have dreams, even if we can’t afford them! I love to walk through The Home Depot and Lowes…just to smell the air and breath in a little sawdust! Oh, how it makes me glad to be a man!

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