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Real Life July 16, 2008

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This will just be an update on our family.

Jeremy: Potty training is slow, but he gets braver and better each day. Today he became nature child when I taught him how to pee outside in the grass. He did great. You men will be proud of him. He was playing in the water w/his sister and instead of tracking dirt, sand, and grass all through the house to use the potty I just stripped him down and told him to pee. He was thrilled! LOL! Today is the first day he’s done #2 on the potty w/out getting upset. He did it all by himself and I am thrilled. Swimming lessons are going great too. So good that he gets mad when it’s time to leave. He’s a genius and a fish. Amazing. Someone call Ripley’s.

Brianna: She is so grown up. She has her whole list ready for the big birthday #4. She wants a “real” bike, Spiderman stuff, Little Einstein stuff, Mr. Potato Head, and wind-up bugs (if anyone knows where the heck to buy wind-up bugs, I’m all ears — she saw it on Max & Ruby, a cartoon). She told me, “no clothes mom”. The girl is just like me — very sure of what she wants and bold about it too. She’s a doll and despite the daily dose of drama she’s an excellent big sister and little mini me. She has been practicing her writing skills, painting skills (a regular Picasso), and getting herself dressed (and she doesn’t do too bad).

Rich: The man works his butt off. The end.

Me: I am a busy mom, but I truly do love my job. I submit that it’s the best on the planet!! I am feeling the newest little addition kick/move more and more. I was tempted in the middle of the night last night to just lie there enjoying its movement instead of sleeping. I came to my senses and fell asleep though. Good decision on my part. This week has been insane so I need my rest. We have picked names. Rich initiated that conversation last night b/c I decided I don’t like the first boy & girl names we had picked initially. I don’t usually change my mind, but I just wasn’t feeling it at all. I gotta really like it if I’m gonna make my child live with it their whole life. We have decided on a girl’s name and now the boy’s name is up in the air. There are two in the running, but one might be controversial within our circle of peeps so until I get the all clear we remain uncertain. Name association… some might have a hard time with it so I try to be sensitive.

So what do you think about Sara Lyn Reed for a girl? I love it so if you don’t like it lie to me :)!!

Boy’s name to be revealed later.

And we don’t find out gender until the birth. So this will be a long wait. Don’t hold your breath. LOL!!

Have a great Wednesday. I’m off to take a nap. I love my naps!!


6 Responses to “Real Life”

  1. Jason Says:

    If it is a man-child name him Ezra Clawhammer and if it is a woman-child name her Ezra Icepick…….ya my wife didn’t like those names either.

  2. mommato3blessings Says:

    I absolutely adore Sara Lyn! So super duper cute!!! Brianna, Jeremy, and Sara. Flows so well!!! (assuming you have a girl. I am dying to hear the boys names though, so you need to email me chickadee!!!!)
    Auntie Mel approves of Sara though!!!

  3. carey Says:

    Sara Lyn Reed–It really flows, love it!

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Jason: You goof! You are just like Rich. He thinks he’s so stinkin’ funny making up ridiculous names when I’m trying to be serious. I think one of them was Pink Floyd. Mmm Hmm. Yeah. Off with your heads!!

    Mel & Carey: Thank you!!


  5. Sarah Says:

    When my husband’s little brother had to pee on the side of a highway because they were stuck in traffic (he’s only 4, mind you), it opened his eyes to a whole new world. Now, one of his favorite things to do is to tell you all of the places he can pee, now! “I can pee on a book. I can pee on the house. I can pee on your foot…” It goes on. I think it’s the funnist thing!!

    and as for finding wind-up bugs… try the Discovery Channel Store. I know they at least have remote control spiders, etc. I’m sure they’ll have more than just that!

  6. jaymi Says:

    Heidi, I LOVE LOVE Sara!! We had it picked out for one of our girls. I hope it is a girl…Brianna needs a sister! I know you have alot of sisters could you imagine not having any?? I am so thankful for all my girls! (I might feel different if I were a man!)

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