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The Perfect Example July 17, 2008

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Well you amazing bloggers did it. You blew my freaking face off today.

I wasn’t trying to use my last post as an example, but I guess I didn’t need to. Just so you know, I get around 150 to 200 hits a day on average. That’s a normal day around here. Sunday is the slowest day of the week. Bits and crumbs for you bloggers with million hit sites. However, I am not a famous blogger, a pastor or a pastor’s child or a pastor’s wife, a rock band, a celebrity, a published author, nor do I write about anything specific. I also don’t advertise. What I am is HONEST.

So honesty works. Authenticity. Exactly what I wrote about down there in the post below this one. A few brave people chimed in and told us some extremely personal and private stuff about themselves and their lives. Amazing stories and BRAVO to those of you who took that step. I know you will encourage another person. Many people.

You kids… guys and girls… yeah, well 491. That says it all. In one day. On my little site of whatever-ness.

You      Are        So         Awesome!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting Candid Chatter. I am blown away.

I can’t promise you that I’ll always be funny or insightful or entertaining or right up your alley. What I will promise you is this… whatever you read on here is my truth. I’ll be honest. Even when it hurts.

Welcome to those of you who are new. Big hugs to those of you who have been here from the beginning. And pay attention to those of you discovering that it’s ok to be real. It’s preferred. Today is proof. Until today, my highest amount of hits in one day was 308.

Rock on bloggers. Keep it real. Peace!

To God be the glory!


4 Responses to “The Perfect Example”

  1. carey Says:

    Congrats Heidi!!!

    It’s our pleasure coming here and being real with you!



  2. mommato3blessings Says:

    Go Heidi, it’s your birthday, go Heidi!!!

    Ok, all silliness aside, I love checking in here to see what you have to say. LOVE it. You are so real, and I seriously think we were separated at birth. I trasure our friendship, and I thank God for His use of you to touch so many people here with your wit and honesty. Love ya girl.

  3. Jen Says:

    Hi Heidi!
    I feel as though I know you from everything that my sissy says – that is her picture either above here or below depending on where this lands on your comments list – Mel, she is my baby sissy! I of course have heard about your blog since you started it, but I never read it until your post about our daddy. I sobbed when I read your post right after our daddy died. Your words were incredible. Mel has told me about your blog but I did not have the link to it until she started blogging and listed your blog on her sidebar. Now I find myself reading your blog everyday along with the few other blogs that I read. You are so funny and I definitely enjoy reading what you have to say – very entertaining, enlighting, and fun!!! Keep up the good work :o) Just wanted to give my first official shout out – HELLO!!! Rock on sister and congratulations on such a successful blog, it is awesome 🙂
    God bless,

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Jen: Hey girl!! So nice to meet you. I sort of giggled through Melanie with you on the phone the other day. Tattoo time, eh? LOL!! Thanks for the sweet comment. What you girls did for your Daddy has touched my soul and forever changed the way I view my role as daughter. Give your sis a ginormous hug for me. You two are the ones who ROCK it. Dead serious!


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