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Happy Heart Palpitations July 24, 2008

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So here I am again. This week I have had more ‘episodes’, as I affectionately call them, than I am comfortable with. When I was pregnant with Brianna I had heart palpitations. My OB discharged them as normal pregnancy related occurances due to increased blood volume and hormones. Ok.

In the hospital, less than 24 hours after giving birth to her, I was convinced I was having heart failure. I rang the emergency button for the nurse and you would have thought the place just caught fire. She must have run down the hallway to my room. She hooked me up to some thing and I knew something was wrong because my heart rate was weird. She called the on-call heart doctor and he was in my room lickity split as well. Less than 5 minutes. He told me I was fine and to get some sleep. Fine? What? What I was feeling was NOT fine. Whatever dude. I went to sleep. Stupid doctors.

Well I was fine. I went home a few days later. About a week or two after that, they happened again. This time about every hour or two I’d feel my heart race like I had just run a marathon. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but I was really starting to worry. I went to see my general care doctor. She hooked me up to an EKG and my heart was normal. What the??? She sent me home with this 24-hour monitor and told me to write down the time I felt a palpitation to be sure the monitor was picking it up. Ok. Doctors aren’t so stupid now.

After getting my results, she called a cardiac specialist. He met me in her office 2 hours later. I was getting scared. He told me my numbers were just 2 over the line into abnormal. He ordered an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of my heart). Two days later I got to see the most amazing ultrasound I’ve ever seen. Sure it’s cool seeing a baby inside my body. But it is equally as cool… I submit even cooler… to see my own heart on ultrasound in infrared color. Wow!! It looked awesome!!

The results… my heart was perfectly healthy. Every part of it was fine. Everything was normal. I was relieved. Sort of. The cardiac doctor blamed the palpitations on adjusting blood volume from losing so much after having a baby. Ok. I was fine.

Second pregnancy… no palpitations and no ‘episode’ after giving birth.

Well all I can say is THANK YOU GOD for my OB appt in the morning. I have palpitations and shortness of breath. It can all boil down to normal reactions to pregnancy hormones (esp progesterone) and increased blood volume. It really can be as simple as that. However, it can be something else too. I can’t just let it slide.

Am I worried? Not really, but sort of. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, huh? I guess it’s that I’m fine until it happens again. Today I got pains in my chest too. Twice. They took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks, clutching my chest over my heart, and then once gone (again only a couple seconds) everything seemed normal.

I don’t know.


2 Responses to “Happy Heart Palpitations”

  1. Jason Says:

    It’s cause you have such a big, soft, fluffy, heart. Seriously, I hope everything is fine.

  2. Hope you find some answers quickly…the not knowing can be the worse part…because if you know what is happening, then you can do something!

    You are in my prayers today…

    And, may you only have just a regular ole normal heart!

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