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Can Progress be Tiny? July 29, 2008

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Sure it can!

Jeremy did GREAT last night. He has a cold so he woke up coughing a lot. Finally, I got sick of treking across the house to his room and just put him in bed with me. I don’t do that much. I think the last time he was in my bed might have been a year ago. Anyway, sweet peace alive! I got a whole 3 straight hours of sleep after that. I am tired and we both have colds, but it was a good night despite all of that junk. He loves his bed. I bought a bed rail to keep him safe, but it tilts his bed up on one side so I found him in the crack of the bed by the wall a few times. I took that sucker apart first thing this morning and back to Babies R Us it goes. I’ll get a smaller one with flatter supports. You’d think this would be noticed during design/manufacturing. Why can’t everyone be as thoughtful, keen eyed, and perfect as me?

I am on a pursuit of shot records today for Brianna’s enrollment in preschool. I found one that I think I might put her in. It is a Christian school, within 5 miles of our house, and just remodeled with state of the art media equipment. She’s going to LOVE it! My dad is the hero of the week (our Higglytown Hero for those of you with toddlers). He is getting her original birth certificate from the Dept of Vital Statistics today in Columbus, Ohio where she was born. He’s Da Man!! He is not only saving me money, but also much much much time. Anyway, back to shot records, she’s been to 3 different pediatricians since birth so I have my work cut out for me. Apparently I never had them transferred to her current ped. One is in Ohio so I’m hoping the first one I had her in down here in Florida will have those records so I don’t have to do all that paperwork through the mail. Delays are not something I’m all about right now. We don’t have time for delays.

Rich got a big break in his madness last night and we did a family dinner at the Longhorn. I have been eating so much beef lately that I wasn’t in the mood for steak. Can you believe that? I had a salmon caesar salad. Funny. However, I am trying to be more conscious of what goes in my mouth these days. It’s more to avoid gestational diabetes (if it can be avoided) than anything else.

Obviously I got the final missing piece to Jeremy’s bed yesterday. Anyway, the lady I bought the set from is drop dead gorgeous. I mean she is breathtaking beautiful. So pretty I don’t want my husband to ever see her again. LOL! But I noticed that instead of being insanely jealous I was more like, “I can’t wait until my hair is long again and I get my figure back”. She gave me hope without knowing it. She has 2 kids and I’m telling you… gorgeous!! Oh how I can’t wait until after the baby is born and the healing is done so I can bust my hump again and this time it’s forever. No more babies to make my body look like it does right now. I love my kids, but I also love feeling sexy around my husband. I wanna be the hot mom. Not the slutty one, no, the healthy one so my kids & husband are proud of me and so I can avoid type 2 diabetes and so I can keep up with them and so I can serve God with gusto. There is no feeling… no feeling… than feeling fit. I’m serious! I used to have a sign on my fridge that said “fuel”. It was a reminder to me that whatever I was going to eat was fuel for my body, not a mindless filler for boredom. I also had a sign on my pantry that said “snacks don’t taste as good as fit feels”. Isn’t that the truth??!!!! My first glucose tolerance test is in 3 weeks. Oh how I want to pass this time.

So we’re all making progress. It’s tiny and somewhat normal daily grind. But we’re all doing very well.

Update complete. I have a busy day today. I am behind on everything at the house and online. Oh well. I’ll get to those things when I can. If only I had a personal assistant. Dream on!


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