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The Best Kind… July 29, 2008

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  • Of pet to have is one that belongs to your neighbor. That way the kids get all excited to see the animal and you don’t have to train it, touch it, feed it, clean up after it, or take it to the vet.
  • Of friend to have is one that’s honest. All of the time.
  • Of sheets to own is 600 thread count or above. Yeah, sell your computer and go buy some Egyptian cotton high thread count sheets. Mine are 800 and the next set will be 1000. Better than silk. Trust me! Ask for them for Christmas. Yeah, they’re that freakin’ good.
  • Of kitchen products are sold by Pampered Chef and no I don’t get paid to say that; it’s just true.
  • Of vacuum is a Dyson. Period. I also don’t get paid to say that. Sell your car and buy a Dyson. You’ll thank me.
  • Of jewelry cleaner is an ultrasonic machine with cheap jewelry cleaner inside. Mmm Hmm.
  • Of family is one that forgives and will hug you even when you deserve to be slapped or spit upon.
  • Of church is one that is diverse, compassionate, and strives to be the Body of Christ.
  • Of toothpaste is one that will keep you from having to ever visit the dentist. No offense to dentists who might read this.
  • Of doctor is one with compassion who treats you like a human and not a car in need of maintenance.
  • Of spouse is one who bends over backwards to slave over you. LOL. Just kidding.
  • Of house is one that feels like home… to everyone who lives there.
  • Of blog is mine. Alright. Yours is good too.

Have a great night ya’ll.


3 Responses to “The Best Kind…”

  1. mommato3blessings Says:

    All so so true- every one!

  2. Great list…

    And, yes, great blog!

  3. carey Says:

    You give us all a lot to think about and I do agree with you!!

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