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En Er Gee August 7, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 5:11 pm

Today I got it. I got a spurt of good ol’ energy. Yes!! I couldn’t even nap as I usually would. Weird. I laid there trying and trying to fall asleep. Not even a yawn. Hmm. I decided to lie there anyway and just relax. I don’t get to do that much other than when I’m sleeping or typing on here. So I took full advantage. It was nice.

When I heard Jeremy had awakened from his nap, I got up and decided I was sick of my feet sticking to the kitchen floor everywhere I walked in there. I swept and mopped all the floors. I also vacuumed the whole house. Then I cleaned the kitchen. Now I’m cooking dinner. I feel NORMAL for once!! It is so exciting!! Later I might even do some laundry. I have to clean the kid’s bathroom too. Guess I should get offline and go do that.

Ooh. Cravings. So weird. Now I want massive amounts of tomato juice and green olives. Not necessarily at the same time. But every day I have them both at some point. The tomato juice I have twice a day. I could drink it more often, but I don’t want digestive ailments if you know what I mean. I still don’t crave sweets. I have eaten them, but I don’t crave them.

Have a great night.


3 Responses to “En Er Gee”

  1. If you will come, clean, and cook for us, we’ll buy you all the tomato juice and green olives that you want! We have a membership to Sam’s!

  2. wbppsh7 Says:

    Sounds like a nice way too relax. Funny on the cleaning everything though. I hope you didn’t over do and feel yucky today! Those my dear are quality cravings! hahahha

  3. jalack Says:

    I just need some energy. Glad your feeling better.

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