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Hedd Ayk August 8, 2008

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That’s how it should be spelled because it looks too pretty like this “headache”. Hedd Ayk looks all jagged and painful.

I want to ween myself off of these pills. I am not a pill taker. I don’t like medicine. These headache pills are a dream come true, but I’m worried about dependency. They have a small dosage of a barbituate in them. They can become addicting. I have read all there is to read about them. I have called my doctor twice and had a lot of questions. So I’m in the know. I did my research.

But my hedd is killing me right now. It has been all day long. Like it’s in a vice. I want to take a pill. But what if this is just a rebound hedd ayk and not a real one. I just hate to take medicine if I don’t need to.

Today I might need to. But I’m not going to.

I can’t go outside. The heat hurts my brains.

I can’t move around much. The motion shakes my brains too much and that hurts.

If I feel like this tomorrow, I’m taking a stupid little miracle pill of graciousness.

Today I will suffer.

Hedd Ayks Suck!


6 Responses to “Hedd Ayk”

  1. wbppsh7 Says:

    I know it is a pita to do this sometimes, however is there anyway for you to half the pill???? GL with that.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Ali: I thought of that right before I laid down for a nap. The little rotten bast%$@ is still here and it’s 4:30. So I will try a half a pill tomorrow. If that kicks it, I will be happy. The thing is I am allowed by prescription to take up to 6 of these a day. I only take one a day. Why am I so concerned? Silly me. But I really don’t like things like this that may or may not cross the placenta. What I will suffer for my children!! Won’t we all!! Thanks.


  3. jimmy paravane Says:

    Ugh. and I like yer spelling. Hedd Ayks are a huge nemesis of mine. I hate it everytime the jagged precursors start sliding across my vision. Oddly enough, I’ve found that massive doses of Ibuprofen work better than all the morphine based prescription pain killers, for me. Of course, now I’m reading that that’s not necessarily much healthier for you. I don’t pray, but I’ll try putting a good word for you with You know who.(grin)

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: I am pregnant (you might not have known that — since you’re new and all). I have strict requirements for pain relief. Ibuprofen is out of the question. Otherwise, I’d be all coked up on Motrin morning, noon, and night. 😉 Sooo the doc says if Tylenol doesn’t work (which it does not) then I am to take Fioricet. Safest drug for this sort of thing in a preggie chick besides Tylenol. Anyway, it’s a wonder drug and I love that it kicks the pain out within about 15 minutes of taking it and it works all day long (just one pill). But I’m worried about the warnings that it could be habit forming. But that’s just me.


  5. jimmy paravane Says:

    Heidi! Congrats! I didn’t know. Ok, here’s a secret about the infamous “jimmy paravane”. He’s actually a very thin veneer over a very gushy, sentimental grandfather. Shh! Don’t tell anybody.(grin)
    It sounds like you’re taking a very good approach to the situation. Stay honest with your doctor, and close family and other accountable adults, and especially yourself, about how and why you take the medication, and you should avoid the addiction problem. Addiction takes very small but steady steps in self-denial and secret keeping. Personal experience talking. Can you say Soma(carisoprodal)? I can’t without my palms sweating. (grin)

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks Jimmy.

    I have a jaded druggie past. I’ve posted about it before. I don’t know if I was technically addicted to anything though. I still think I just did it because I thought it was fun. Wasn’t hard to quit once I made the decision I was done with that phase of my life. But, I don’t tempt it either.


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