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Referrers & Items Searched August 9, 2008

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How about a glimpse into my world of stats. I don’t check these as much as I used to, but sometimes I get a kick out of them.

Steve from All Toes in the Water has been my biggest referrer in the past 30 days (116 times).
Melanie sends me a lot too (41 in the last 30 days).
Thanks you two!

Now on to the search terms.
I still get an amazing amount of activity for my memorial tattoo from the miscarriage I suffered back in December. A few of you came along with me on that journey. My fantabulous friend, Lana, even went with me to get the skin art. Denise wanted to go too, but I forgot to call her.

Anyway… in the past 30 days this has happened regarding the tattoo:

“baby tattoos” 288 times
“angel tattoos” 286 times
“angel tattoo” 204 times
“baby tattoo” 123 times
“miscarriage tattoo or miscarriage tattoos” 109 times

Lots of people, huh? Oh how I feel for them. Deeply.

Now some of the other search terms that also land people right here.

“angry woman”
“2008 dodge viper”
“pregnancy test”
“smoking oregano”
“Graco Nautilus”

And the sick ones from the archives. I hope I never meet the people who searched these terms.

“candid boobs”
“candid underpants”
“candid naked”
“gymnast peeing in leotard”

Yeah. Strange birds there.

Have a lovely Saturday. I have no idea what we’re doing today, but I’m sure it will be fun.


2 Responses to “Referrers & Items Searched”

  1. Celeste Says:

    Yes statistics can sure be fun huh.

  2. Do I get some kind of award?

    I still haven’t seen you knocking at my door, ready to clean and cook…the tomato juice is waiting!

    Oh, that’s right. You are minutes from the beach. Why would you come to north central Alabama?

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