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Provided For August 10, 2008

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Ever have to tell someone who you love and cherish that you can’t be available for a special event in their life? I had to do that last week.

Sometimes I don’t like to cut to the chase. I know, hard to believe. But when there is a loved one in my life who might be disappointed by something I have to tell them I suffer greatly beforehand. This was one of those suffering experiences. Of course, it went better than I imagined it would. That’s because the person I had to let down is one heck of a young woman with a heart of pure gold. She is wise beyond her years and has an amazing capacity to understand.

In the midst of this big let down is a situation that for about a whole day had my stomach in complete knots. I finally decided — I mean really decided — to give it over to God.

100%. Done. Deal.

Since making that decision, I have had complete peace over the whole ordeal. Even though it has the potential to hurt us in a big way, I don’t believe it will. I think we’ll be fine. I think this is a lesson and a good one to learn. One that will benefit us for life. Giving something completely out of our control over to the One who can make things happen for the best is quite a lesson.

We are provided for. I can’t explain it. These provisions don’t just walk up and knock on the door. Or do they? For the past 3 weekends they certainly have. “knock knock”. I open the door and receive in abundance.

Glory to God!

It’s like manna. It’s like when the Israelites were walking the desert for 40 years. Manna.

We are going to be fine. And when the rain stops falling I will tell you all about what’s between the lines. Because this is the beginning of an incredible testimony of God’s love and blessings for His children.


Glory to God!!
Thank you, my Father, Thank you!!
I love you. Amen!


3 Responses to “Provided For”

  1. Danette Says:

    I totally understand this feeling. For me it is the possible disappointment that I may cause but, I feel either they get over it or not.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Danette: Hi. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. My sister-in-law has the same name as you. Until now, she was the only one I knew who had your name. Do people call you Dani? That’s what we call her. Anyway, thanks again!


  3. bub Says:

    Awesome prayer. God is always with us, no?

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