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I Can’t Stand It August 13, 2008

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Deadly serious. Remember when I posted about this? Yeah. Well she called. Until last week I had heard from her exactly one time since I did her those favors I posted about. Her new baby is now 7 months old. She was a newborn back when I posted that. Mmm Hmm. Flake.

Know why she called? You’ll have to read the other post to figure it out — unless you remember. Anyway, her daughter’s birthday is coming up. We happen to have plans on the day of her party, thank God. So I told her we wouldn’t be able to come. And that’s it. I won’t hear from her again — and I’d bet money on this — until January when her other daughter’s birthday rolls around.


My husband, who isn’t a catty person and does not gossip, laughed his butt off when I told him “guess who just called”. He said “it must be birthday time again”. Seeeee????

Is there anyone in your life that you’re just plain sick of and you’d like to quit them but they just won’t go away?

Tell me about it.


22 Responses to “I Can’t Stand It”

  1. Debateur Says:

    I’m kind of guilty of that to be honest but it’s just hard getting two working Moms together.

  2. jimmy paravane Says:

    Fascinating! I may be wrong, but isn’t there one of those guidelines in the New Testament for how to deal with someone like this: Mark 11:25-26 or Colossians 3:13?

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Yes, Jimmy. However, Christians aren’t perfect — we’re just forgiven. Ever hear that one? The woman I am referring to calls herself a Christian and uses the best Christianese she can come up with whenever I have the misfortune of being in conversation with her — yet she uses me and has abused our friendship for many, many years. Best for me and mine to hope she just goes away. I don’t do high maintenance people. It’s up to God to convict me if I’m wrong. There are many, many passages about fools and foolishness in the Bible too. She is a fool. I am out of there. Get me?


  4. Well…I am so glad that Jimmy has made his way over to your site…

    Have fun!


  5. candidchatter Says:

    So far it’s not so bad though, Steve. If he starts the shenanigans here that he has done on your site I will block him from posting. I don’t mind opposing opinions and such. And he might be useful in keeping me accountable, believe it or not. However, I won’t tolerate disrespect. In the 3 or so times he has commented in my blog world, he’s been fine. We’ll just have to wait and see. He’s on probation. LOL!


  6. candidchatter Says:

    Debateur: It’s not just getting together. Long story though. We used to work together. She was fun as long as I kept her at arm’s length. Otherwise she would stab me right through the back. She’s one of those people who will insult you with a sing-song voice and a smile on her face. I can’t count the number of times I’ve turned the other cheek. I’ve tried to remain her friend and hang in there because, truthfully, she doesn’t have many friends. But last winter she insulted me one time too many. I just figured if I didn’t call her again that she would go away. She pretty much did. But her daughter’s birthday is this month. She doesn’t call me unless it’s her child’s birthday or she needs a little sunshine pumped up her butt. She starts these pity parties and gets all down on herself and then I try to make her feel better and offer to do her a favor (bingo!) and she takes me up on it and then when the favor expires I don’t hear from her again. Same cycle. I am being used and I quit.

    Long comment. Sorry.


  7. Lauren Says:


    …..”She doesn’t call me unless it’s her child’s birthday or she needs a little sunshine pumped up her butt.”…..

    I’ve got a friend like that! I’ve never heard it put that way, I love it! 🙂

    Rick pointed something out on the tv the other night talking about frienemies. Someone has written a book all about those kind of people.

  8. candidchatter Says:

    LOL Lauren — I love the term “frienemies”. Yes. She is a frienemy. Completely!!


  9. Heidi…how do you block someone? Does WordPress let you do that? Blogger won’t…and I can’t find a program that will block IP addresses…got any suggestions?

  10. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: This is so why I love WordPress. There is a feature in the settings that allows certain words, URLs, IP addresses, names, e-mail addresses, etc. to be blocked. Either the comment goes directly to moderation or to spam. That gives me more control over the content of the comments I receive. I can change my settings for comments too. They can be like they are… open and posted right away. Or I can allow comments to show up after one has already been approved. Or I can moderate each and every single one. Whenever I’ve had a problem on here I’ve changed the moderation for a period of time. However, I prefer to trust that individuals will respect me and other commenters. Have you contacted blogspot? See if they can help you.


  11. The only feature blogspot offers is to have people join your team…then, it becomes a private blog between the team members…

    Not really what I am trying to accomplish…just have one person that likes to contact me off board…need to block them someway…

  12. jimmy paravane Says:

    Perception online is a funny thing. Manners too. I’m old. I’m always going to try to be less “harsh” with a young woman than a guy. Did I mention I’m old, and was raised that way? (grin)
    I do get what you’re saying, Heidi. My fascination is with the fact that I thought that the more problematic you aliens found someone, the more of an opportunity to be Christlike you were expected to find it to be. (grin) So, you may not be “out of there”, if your Master doesn’t want it. You may find yerself chin deep “in there”. Not up to me that’s for sure. If you hadn’t posted about it(and only as long as I’m not blocked) I wouldn’t even be aware of the situation.
    Yeah, blogger let’s you make it pretty, but I like the control over content, both yours and commenters, that gives.

  13. jimmy paravane Says:

    Oh, you really don’t have to tech block me if you don’t want to. Just tell me either publicly or via email to “go away”. I’ll always honor that.

  14. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: I won’t block anyone, including you, unless blood starts being spilled. I have yet to use that feature. I hope I never need to. You calling me an “alien” isn’t all bad. It makes me chuckle and if you want the honest truth — I’ve been praying for you. So keep coming. I’ll keep praying. And we’ll see what happens. When it comes down to it, it’s not really up to either of us how this ends. You might disagree, but I know the truth. 😉


  15. jimmy paravane Says:

    Heidi, I call all you Christians “aliens”. It’s meant as a compliment because you are not of this world, and I’m extremely jealous. (grin) “It”(that’s been a big word this last week) not being up to either of us is exactly what I meant. 🙂

  16. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: Yes, I figured. But if you’re so jealous (that might have been sarcasm, I can’t tell), then why do you harden your heart towards God? What is it you’re searching for? Why do you single out Christians? Your website has many links to Christian blogs. Why? Why bother? If you are so against “us” then why go to such trouble spending your time following us around the Internet? Why look up Scripture passages and quote them? If the Bible isn’t your breath of life then why do you read it? What are you all about anyway?


  17. jimmy paravane Says:

    Assumptions will always get you confused(grin). I’m not against Christians at all.
    Sometimes I wish I could just harden my heart enough to stop bothering y’all, and simply ignore all this “alien” activity. Sometimes I wish God, the Holy Spirit, the Hounds Of Heaven, a guilty conscience, whatever you want to call it, would just stop bothering me. Don’t worry. If I ever figure out what I’m all about anyway, I’m sure I’ll post it. (grin)

  18. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: He’ll not let go of you. He didn’t let go of me & believe me I tried to get away. He scooped me up and I tried to run the other direction — He wouldn’t let go. If you’re curious, you’re probably going to be an “alien” too. Congratulations. It’s awesome being in His radar. The ride of your life has yet to come. That happens after you accept His gift of salvation through His Son’s sacrifice. So cross over, Jimmy. You’ll never look back. Ever. Promise! And you’ll never regret it either. No matter what happens. No matter who thinks you’re crazy. No matter what people say. Good luck!

    Hope to see you on the other side someday, my friend. I am still praying for you.


  19. jimmy paravane Says:

    You know I really should. I spend so much time on alien blogs and writing about y’all and going to your churches and I’m not getting any credit for it!(grin)
    I use to tell people to pray for me. Now I thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. That’s some progress, right? What really bugs me is your probably right. God is probably way more stubborn than I am. (grin)

  20. jimmy paravane Says:

    hmph, now I’m doing Freudian like grammar slips. I meant to say I use to tell people NOT to pray for me.(grin)

  21. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: God isn’t stubborn. No. He’s in love with you. That is what drives Him. And, yes, that is progress. Now you’ve got me so I’m praying for you more than once a day. You’ll be an alien. When it happens please let me know. I want to buy you a beer. LOL! Just kidding.


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