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Summer Fun August 15, 2008

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We have been unbelievably busy for 2 weeks solid. I have to take breaks so I can have time to clean or do laundry. Tomorrow I need to do a little of both plus pay bills plus run errands.

Yesterday and today we went to the beach. Wednesday we went to a local oceanographic center where the kids were able to pet stingrays (barbs & stingers removed).

The really super nice thing about Florida is that a lot of entertainment is FREE. You don’t have to pay to go to the beach. You have salt water and sand to deal with, but who the heck cares. It’s fun! My in-laws have a membership to the oceanographic center and so 3 generations under them get in free. Yahoo! There are playgrounds all over the place. There are these cool water fountains that shoot up out of the ground for kids to play in. No admission. Just come, play, and get wet. There is outdoor entertainment (music, festivals, celebrations) almost weekly somewhere close by.

Where you get into trouble down here is in the major tourist areas (Orlando, Miami, the Keys, Tampa, etc).

My kids have never been to Disney. I believe they are still too young. I think we might try Sea World before our littlest one is born though. They loved the oceanographic thing so much I got all Sea World excited for them.

We went to Orlando in May to visit some family of mine who had made the trip down from Ohio. We had a blast. On the way home, and for the next week, our 3 year old daughter kept telling me, “I love Orlando, Mommy”. I responded with, “and so far you have no idea how MUCH you love Orlando”. She had so much fun at the resort my family was staying in that she fell in love with Orlando. Wait until she goes to Disney. Ha!! She’ll be walking in the clouds that trip. Mmm Hmm.

So I have a killer tan going on now. Two+ hours Thursday; four+ hours today. Yeah, that’s 6 hours of hot Florida sun over SPF 50 or SPF 15 depending on what part of my body we’re discussing (50 on the neck, shoulders, and tattoo — 15 everywhere else). My kids have nice golden brown skin themselves. My son is no longer a brunette. Nope. Boy’s hair has turned a dishwater kind of blonde. Handsome tyke! My daughter’s hair is now even more blonde streaked with almost platinum. She’s going to be a heartbreaker, that one. So beautiful!!

The economy is harsh. Everything is too expensive. For the first time since we moved down here I have begun clipping coupons and watching for sales on meat and milk. I now buy my produce at farmer’s markets rather than the grocery store. I don’t overstock anymore. I get what we need and leave it at that. I have started to be creative. If you knew what my electric bill is (SR or TM, sshhh) you would pass the heck out. Florida summer = humid heat = a/c running A LOT!!

That trickles over into family entertainment too. I am not one who enjoys being at home all the time. During the first trimester of this pregnancy I think that almost killed my spirit. I love go go going. I was so sick I couldn’t get off the couch some mornings. Since all that stuff is out of my system I have been whipping it up a bit around here. But what about the cost to entertain the kids? Not a problem right now. I don’t need a pool membership. I have access to the biggest pool on the planet 365 days a year. The Atlantic Ocean is minutes from my house. And right now we are taking full advantage.

I love it here.

I plan on keeping all of this up until Brianna starts school the first week of September. Then what? I don’t know. But I’ll figure something out. Guess me and the boy will be doing a lot of cool things while his sister learns new things.

Summer Fun!

What are you doing
to have fun this summer
despite the economy?


5 Responses to “Summer Fun”

  1. Debateur Says:

    Our waterpark is free too and my daughter loves it.

    Oh and she loves Sea World too but that is expensive.

  2. jalack Says:

    Uh I go to work for fun, because steel mills are a blast. you get to see dust and liquid hot magma, and dirt, and big pieces of equipment that will make you have a bad day if you get run over by them, and dust. seriously if a volcano had a booty… you get the picture. Oh did I mention that I have to wear heavy cotton long sleeve shirts, with a t-shirt under it. Feel sorry for me Heidi, dang it. I need to go to the beach again….Enjoy your summer!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Jason: That is no fun at all. Sorry. At least you got to have a beach type vacation recently though.

    Debateur: Sea World is expensive. The nice thing is that my youngest gets in free until he turns 3. And there are coupons that can be found in different places. Even so, it might have to be a Christmas gift for the family.


  4. I’m with Jason…I go to work for fun…

    With a 6-month old in the house, that’s about the only quiet I get! Thank goodness I can sleep there! 🙂

  5. candidchatter Says:

    You can sleep at work, Steve? That’s my kind of job!! I used to fall asleep at work at my last job. One of the ladies left the office around 2 each day and if the phone wasn’t ringing and I was all caught up on stuff, I’d lay my head on my desk and snooze for a bit. One time I slept a whole hour. Even so, I didn’t miss a thing (or mess up a thing) and nobody knew. I was pregnant and soooo very tired all the time. Anyway, about the loud baby. Um, yeah, that doesn’t stop. Actually, he’ll get louder as he gets older. Uh huh. Enjoy the terrible two’s. Their fantabulicious!!


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