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Big Things Year After Year August 16, 2008

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I was contemplating my life recently. These things run through my mind frequently, but to sit and ponder them is another issue. I finally took the time to really think it over. Not all at once, pieces at a time.

Since Rich and I have been together life has taken off. Something big has happened each year we’ve been together.


  • 1998: I left my ex-husband. I met Rich online accidentally. Best accident I’ve ever had!! I moved to Florida to be with Rich almost 2 months after my divorce was finalized.
  • 1999: Rich lost his paternal grandpa. We got married. Rich graduated from college.
  • 2000: We moved to Ohio so Rich could start his career.
  • 2001: I became a Christian and got baptized. I bought a brand new sports car.
  • 2002: We built our first house. I found an awesome church.
  • 2003: We got pregnant. Rich lost his job due to the company moving to Chicago.
  • 2004: Rich got a new job. I quit my job. Brianna was born.
  • 2005: Rich got the third job of his career and it is his dream job. We moved back to Florida. We got pregnant again. We found the most awesome church we’ve ever gone to.
  • 2006: Rich’s maternal grandma went to be with the Lord. Jeremy was born.
  • 2007: Rich’s company merged 3 times and he survived all 3 mergers. He is the only employee who did. I started school. We got pregnant again. We lost my maternal grandma and our unborn baby within weeks of each other.
  • 2008: We bought our second home. Rich has made serious career decisions and continues to do so. We are pregnant again.

I can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store for us. New baby. Lots of other things. I hope to go back to school again in the fall of ’09 if I can. It’ll be a great year!

What are your
hopes for 2009?


2 Responses to “Big Things Year After Year”

  1. jalack Says:

    No bad surprises….

  2. candidchatter Says:


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