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Crossroads August 18, 2008

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Ever faced a big decision, prayed about it, yet still felt completely “which way do I go”?

We own a house in Ohio. It’s the one we built. We can’t sell it because the market stinks. So we rent it out. It has been a horrible experience being a landlord and it’s not getting any easier. Our tenant just moved out and left the place a wreck. We have to paint, recarpet, and fix vinyl flooring that was damaged. He stiffed us on his last month’s rent and the security deposit won’t cover everything that needs done. Magnificent. So bye bye savings account. Did I mention the house is in Ohio? We live in Florida. Great. Thankfully my dad is taking care of it for us, but this is going to be expensive. Unbelievable.

Rich is in another tough position regarding his career. He has a fantastic job. Fantastic! However, there are things going on and opportunities showing up and risks on both sides. He is trying so hard to make the right decision knowing the most important factor is keeping our lives the way they are — me staying home with the kids, keeping our finances from taking a bad turn (esp in light of the Ohio house situation), baby on the way, and so on. It’s tough on him and he’s working all the darn time. He’s exhausted and trying to make a decision that he wants to look back on in 10 years and say “yeah, I did the right thing”.


I believe in the power of prayer. All of this I have entrusted to God. I know I can’t do this alone. I know I can’t make these big decisions without Divine guidence. No way.


One big thing about faith is learning to trust the One who you believe in. Letting go and either waiting or taking the blind leap. We’ve taken the blind leaps. It has always worked out beautifully.

Trust in the Lord and pray for wisdom.

That’s our decision. And it’s unanimous. We pray for all sorts of things — for us, for our kids, for our families, for our friends, for you strangers, randomly for the guy who looks like he might be having a bad day, for the unfortunate people who make the news, and so on.



How about you?
How do you handle
the tough decisions?


4 Responses to “Crossroads”

  1. How do I make tough decisions? The same way you guys are right now: I struggle! If foresight was as powerful as hindsight, I guess I wouldn’t need God. But, I can’t read the tea leaves or the crystal ball, and heck, many times, I can’t even read God!

    So, I pray…then pray some more. I look for possible open doors and if one seems to open, I walk through it, until I know whether or not God is in that room. If not, I run out as fast as possible. If God is there, I continue moving forward, until He tells me otherwise.

    Have I made huge mistakes? Well, you don’t have the time nor care for me to share all of the mistakes. Let’s just say, I’ve made a few! Okay, a few thousand, just this year!

    We are trying to sell our house as well…lousy real estate market…lousy real estate agents…lousy economy…

    Oh, could it be that it’s not God’s time?

  2. tonyyork Says:

    In the midst of decisions, struggles, or even good times, I lean on Philippians chapter 4. Its a great example of how to obtain peace even when things don’t turn out as rosy as we would hope they would.

    My wife called me one morning while I was driving to work. She had just been called by the hospital and they wanted her to get into to see her doctor right away because they had found a spot on her lungs. We had just lost her mother to cancer so naturally she was scared – as was I. But that morning on the way to work, I just meditated on that 4th chapter of Philippians and God gave me peace about the situation. He helped me understand that no matter the circumstances or the eventual outcomes, He was still in control.

    Fortunately, as things turned out, my wife ended up being fine….and thankfully, I didn’t have to learn how I would have handled the situation otherwise.

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks guys.

    Tony: I read Phil 4. Thank you for reminding me. Truly, He has given me peace. If I start to dwell on one situation or another I feel the peace leave me and the sickness in my stomach, but then I remember He is in control and I give it back to Him. No sense in worrying about something that I have no control over anyway. Today I choose to glorify and praise God. I am glad your wife is fine.


  4. jalack Says:

    prayer and peace, if God gives me peace on something then I know its what He wants.

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