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Rain, Rain Go Away August 19, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 7:02 am

According to satellite images, Tropical Storm Fay is close to being right on top of us. It’s windy looking outside and raining steady. But we’re fine. I have only heard thunder a couple times and I’ve yet to see lightning. We obviously still have power. So we’ll be inside all day today. The kids are eating breakfast, Rich is sleeping, and I’m about to go eat too.

Just wanted to update you.

Thank God she didn’t become a hurricane!

Have a great day.


4 Responses to “Rain, Rain Go Away”

  1. Stay safe…and dry…my blogger friend!

  2. Debateur Says:

    That must be a relief.

  3. wbppsh7 Says:

    How are you doing today? – I know that I’m a day late but I was thinking of you this morning!!!!

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Ali: We’re fine. I see no flooding. Puddles in people’s yards. Water is higher than normal in canals and lakes and such. I went 2 towns over for an ultrasound this morning and there was nothing too bad on my way either. The news says there is massive flooding in areas of my city, but I haven’t seen it. Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂


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