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She Knows August 20, 2008

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I had my anatomy ultrasound this morning. I have said before that my husband and I are not finding out the gender of our newest little one until the birth. We loved that when Jeremy was in my womb — not knowing. It was so much more fun than knowing (we knew with Brianna). Much more fun! I’ll never forget when Rich told me in the OR that “it’s a Jeremy, it’s a boy”. That was priceless and the moment would have been robbed from us had we already known he is a boy.

I’ve heard people tell me “I could never do that” or “it’s still a surprise even if you know early” or “I am too type-A to not find out”. And other things too. Well, folks, I am no less type-A than the next person (probably more so), it is more of a surprise when you find out as the baby is born (and definitely more exciting), and yes you can do that (if you knew my level of impatience you would know that if I can do it anyone can).

But this time there is a spin.

When Jeremy was still inside of me Rich’s grandmother died. Before she died she was aware of what was happening. She could hear and communicate by tapping her fingers — once for yes, twice for no. She had an anuerism so she could not speak. My husband and his sister and other family members were able to talk to her over the phone to tell her goodbye. My husband, at the time, was the last male Reed in the family. There was nobody left to carry on the family name. Three months later, we had Jeremy. Now he is the last Reed. The name has been carried on. I wish we had been able to tell her, as she lay dying, that her great-grandson was on the way. That’s my only regret.

So I got smart. My mother-in-law can keep a secret. I mean to tell you the woman would go to her grave with a secret. She went with me to the ultrasound this morning. So the only people on this planet who know the gender of our baby are my mother-in-law and the ultrasound tech. That’s it.

And it’s fun to me. In about 20-ish more weeks we’ll all know what’s inside there kicking me all hours of the day and night. But for now, it’s a secret… even from me.

Have a lovely day!


6 Responses to “She Knows”

  1. daphne Says:

    Good for you, Heidi! I found out with only one of the 4 and it was because I was certifiably crazy (pregnancy after my first baby died). I so loved the surprize even though the 4th time my doctor said ‘It’s a girl!’ my husband almost cried.

    People were shocked I never found out and often said ‘I could NEVER do that’ but we loved it. After my last pregnancy I found a maternaty shirt that said Not Finding Out and I sooo would have bought 2 or 3 and worn them every time I was in public! Grace & Peace, daphne

  2. We found out…so we could decorate the room and begin buying stuff…we love yard sales and consignment places…and we both knew that my wife nor I would be in any kind of shape to buy right after his birth in February…

    So…yes, it may have taken some of the fun out of it, but then again, little Evan still wouldn’t have a name if we had waited for his birth! That’s another story I’ll save for my blog!

  3. mommato3blessings Says:

    Um….can I have your mother-in-law’s number? I can be pretty persuasive!!!
    Just kidding! So everything looked good I assume? So excited for you!!! 🙂

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Mel: actually, no. everything doesn’t look good. my doctor called me about an hour ago. i’ll explain later in a post. no time right now. the kids just woke from naps and i’m going to have to prepare dinner soon. please pray for my state of mind right now. they tell me “don’t worry, it’s probably nothing”, but that is so much easier said than done. pray, girl, pray.


  5. Debateur Says:

    I admire your restraint waiting. I was far too excited.

  6. Don’t keep us waiting long…until we hear…we’ll be praying!

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