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Interview Today August 22, 2008

So if you look here you’ll see that someone from The Tampa Tribune is interested in my tattoo story. It’s the 2nd comment down. Hi Keith — if you’re reading this. Later this afternoon I’ll speak to him about my decision behind my design.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked to share my story regarding my tattoo for the baby we lost by miscarriage in December. But this is the first one I’ve agreed to do. Why? Because the context in which the story will be written is not meant to exploit or demean what I’ve done. It appears that it will be used to bring awareness to the trend of memorializing our lost loved ones through tattoo art.

The reporter has said, “…the story is about the emergence of this trend. I’ve spoken to some tattoo artists in the area who say memorial tattoos are now about 25 percent of their business. They say people memorialize relatives, friends, even pets. I’m also contacting some local grief counselors to get their take on it as well as people who have had the work done on them. I have calls in to pop culture professors at the University of Florida and South Florida, too. It’s a straightforward piece. I think what you did is unique and pretty much unknown out there, so I’d like to interview you about why you did it and whether it helped you in your grieving process…”

I am not looking forward to the interview. It will bring back unpleasant memories of a loss that shook me to the very core and ripped my heart into pieces. However, I am interested in what will be asked and how my responses will be portrayed.

If the article he writes is posted online at any point I will link it here.

Now I want to say something that I’m serious about. If you are interested in my story for the mere purpose of fattening your pocketbook because you’re writing a book about other people’s lives and their tattoos, count me out. I will not allow my story to bring you supposed fame or supposed fortune. I didn’t do this to make money. I especially didn’t do this to make money for anyone else. Additionally, I will not allow my story to be exploited in any way, shape, or form.

I agreed to do the interview to bring awareness. Period. Lots of women suffer miscarriages. If what I did helps another woman in any way, awesome!

Just thought I’d make that clear and remind you all that I’m serious about plagiarism.  My pages are protected. These words are mine and I will not take it lying down if my thoughts, words, emotions, etc. are used as your own. Quote me, link me — but do not steal from me.



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  1. Thank you! Really interesting story!

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