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Don’t Take the Fun Out of it August 24, 2008

That’s a joke. I have never been known to say that pregnancy is fun. Not even close. I suffer from a lot of things. One of them is called Melasma or the mask of pregnancy. It literally looks like my forehead is dirty. My brother, when I was pregnant with my first child, even said, “you have dirt on your head”. With each pregnancy it gets bigger and more noticeable. Nice.

Melasma on a forehead
The image is not me

Pretty, huh?

More fun side effects of pregnancy are spider veins. These sometimes wind their way into varicose veins. These suckers are painful as well as ugly. They often hurt as bad as they look.

Spider veins (also not me)

Now we’re sexy!

Varicose veins (not me)

That’s mild

Then we have stretch marks that can run from the thighs all the way up to the boobs. They are purple when they are new and whitish silver when they aren’t so new. They fade, but they don’t go away.

Stretch marks (not me)
on the belly

That’s mild too!

And on the boobs (not me)

So hot and steamy, right?

So the next time anyone who has not been pregnant complains about their aching tooth or their sore muscles or their abdominal cramp or their oh so bad day at work with their oh so rotten coworkers… well, I think I just might slap that person pretty hard. Maybe not physically, but in my mind there will be a whole bunch of face slapping going on.

One more fun, fun thing
I get to experience

The finger prick for diabetes

Whine over. Carry on.


2 Responses to “Don’t Take the Fun Out of it”

  1. carey Says:

    My legs looked like a road map when I was pregnant…only to get worse with each pregnancy! Very painful as well, they’re still really bad, not as severe as when I was pregnant though.

    I think I would of had one more if my legs would of held up!

  2. rosie Says:

    Stretch marks and lots of them during pregnancy. I used cocoa butter to try and prevent them, but didn’t do me much good.

    Baby number 2 will try something else!

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