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Five Hours and a Nightmare August 25, 2008

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After one freaky nightmare last night, a horrible pain in the right shoulder blade area of my back, and 5 hours of sleep, I was fine today. Fine. I still can’t believe it. I drove all the way up to my friend’s house, watched her daughter plus my two, straightened up before she got home, drove all the way home, cooked dinner, cleaned my kitchen, and put my little ones to bed and now it’s starting to hit me. Just now though. Amazing.

Ever crawl out of bed in the morning just wondering if you can stay awake long enough to make breakfast only to surprise yourself that you had enough energy for the whole day plus you were in a good mood? That happened to me today.


Stupid back stabbing pain has returned. I don’t know what I’ve done, but something is cranking me hard right beside my shoulder blade.

Rich is on the phone right this minute giving his 2 week notice to his employer. I would go to bed and try to sleep, but I can’t stop bouncing my legs because I’m so nervous for him. He wasn’t nervous about this call until tonight. I hate it when he gets nervous because that makes me even more nervous. Ugh! He was supposed to go out of town on Friday for a week for work. He has canceled those plans. Then he was to return 5 days later for another week long trip for work. I think they are going to be a mixture of things… ticked off, stupified, worried, and he might burn this bridge before all is said and done. His demands to keep their stuff up and running until the end of NFL season are pretty steep. If they want to keep their pet project they will give in. But this is one harrrrrrd position for him. However, that’s what happens when you screw with people and leave only one guy to handle the job of 3 people. They have abused him over the past several months and I say, “it’s only business, it’s not personal”. See how they like that for a change.

Anyway… I gotta go pace the floor. Then it’s off to bed. See ya tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Five Hours and a Nightmare”

  1. wbppsh7 Says:

    But isn’t it the best to have that kind of surprise for the day! I really like days like that. Glad that you could help out, and remain ‘serene’ for the day! GL to Rich, I hope the phone call went smoothly!

  2. I hate the phrase, “It’s only business, nothing personal…”

    It IS personal to me…it is the way I provide for my family. It is the way I pay for my food, my house, my electricity, and the car I drive. It is where I gain the money to tithe and to save. It IS personal!

    I know that this is after the fact, but I am praying for you and Rich. The days ahead will be difficult for him and the family, I know. However, I know God is able to turn what others mean for evil into good.

    That’ll be my prayer!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    thanks, ali

    steve: i hate it too. at the last merger this company fired everyone except 3 people. one of the guys they fired was out on paternity leave having just welcomed his first child into the world. a week later — “sorry dude, it’s not personal, but you just lost your job — good luck to ya!” oh and it was a month before christmas. a-holes!! rich is the only one who stayed on and they had to roll out the red carpet for him. they did, but since then he’s been the ONLY freaking person who knows how to run their 2 million dollar baby.

    update: he told his boss last night he has found another job. the guy was shocked, but understood rich’s position. my smart hunk of burnin’ love told them he’d be willing to keep their product up and running until the end of NFL season if they need him to. LOL! IF they need him to. that’s hysterical. they need him to or they will lose their butts on it. so the next phase will be the “deal” or “no deal”. i was serious when i said rich is asking some major red carpet here. i believe he’ll get it too. unless they decide to scrap their money maker. the moral of this story is don’t mess with a good thing. if you are the one talking “merger” in your company, you ought to be good to the people with whom you are merging.


  4. mommato3blessings Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better this morning. Good for Rich- Congrats to him! That is awesome!!! 🙂

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: I forgot to add “thank you for the thoughts and prayers”. They really do mean a lot and they are working.


  6. Heidi…you know your problem…you’ve got to learn to express yourself! 🙂

    Glad things went “well” last night…and I hope Rich sticks to his guns over this one!

    Sounds like he has them over a barrel! Among other things…

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: ROFL! Yeah, I’m a bit on the shy side, eh? That’s why the name of my blog is such a dichotomy — how can I ever be “Candid” and I don’t talk enough to “Chatter”. {cracking the heck up & rolling my eyes}


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