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My World of Blogging August 26, 2008

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This might get the fire started a little. Maybe? Maybe not.

I have a sidebar with blogs listed under the heading “blogs of fantabulousness”. I have each blog in my Google reader. I read them as they are updated. Sometimes I comment. Sometimes I don’t. But if a blog is updated I will read it that day.

I have other blogs in my Google reader that I check out daily too. They aren’t on the sidebar because they have either asked not to be or I forgot to add them. If I have forgotten to add your blog and I read it, agree with it, and don’t mind “endorsing” it please remind me.

Don’t ask me to add your blog unless you read this: if your blog is offensive to me I won’t put it on there and I won’t read it. I also don’t read blogs that are only there to make money off of the ads. That drives me bonkers and I feel used. That’s the way I roll.

Over the past 9+ months since I started blogging I have met some great people. I’ve also met a jerk or two. I’ve been lied to (I not only quit the blogs of those involved, I also removed them from my sidebar) and someone tried to scam me (I’m not easily scammed, by the way — I’ve simply been on the internet waaay-haaay too long to fall for it). I’ve seen some drama. I’ve learned a lot about different causes (cystic fibrosis, cancer, premature babies, the global food crisis, assorted missions, etc). I’ve laughed, cried, about threw my computer through the window, been touched, and all kinds of different emotions.

I have had to moderate comments. Then I remove moderation. Then I’ve had to put it back on. Then I remove it again. There has been some drama right here. Some of it has embarrassed me beyond belief. Other times it has just flat burned me up until steam has come out of my ears. Other times the moderation has been in the interest of protecting others who have made comments from their hearts based on their beliefs. I’ve edited comments (for grammar) and sometimes I’ve deleted them entirely.

There is a group that asked me to please put them on my sidebar under the blog heading. They promised a little “link love”. I did as asked even though I’d never heard of them before. Do you think I don’t check on these things? It’s not a site I frequently go to. It’s not even that interesting. Yet I shared a little “love”. However, they have removed my link from their site. When did this happen? Who cares? You guessed it — they are gone now. I didn’t really like their site anyway. Too secular for me. Anyone who claims to be a Christian site and wishes Madonna a Happy 50th Birthday is far too secular for my taste. I mean, didn’t she come out on stage strapped to a mirrored cross in an effort to tick off Catholics in Ireland? Amongst other shenanigans — burning crosses, supporting abortion rights, sexually explicit shows, and foul language. I shouldn’t judge, but come on. How can you call yourself a Christian site when you recognize someone who is so incredibly NOT a Christian — anti-Christian even. Hmmm??? Anyway, they are gone.

And it’s not that I’m all that and a bag of chips either. I am cautious though. I write about some extremely personal things on here. I don’t play games with my honesty. I use this site for two main reasons: 1) to vent or journal or emotionalize myself so I benefit from it — you can call it writing therapy. 2) to hopefully live out my faith in front of others; to be honest about my walk with Christ; to attract fence riders and show them that Christians are normal everyday folks and not fanatical; to be real and authentic and vulnerable and human.

I like this blogging thing. I really do. But I don’t like the undermining that can go on around the internet. I don’t like pretenses. I don’t like jerks. I don’t like liars. No. And if I check your site and find you are involved in some of that crap — well, consider yourself removed.

How do you manage
your blog and your
bloggy love?


13 Responses to “My World of Blogging”

  1. Well, Heidi, you are an old pro at this. I’m not sure, as a newbie that I have much to add…but, that’s never stopped me before!

    If I am asked to add a link, I check out the site–and not just their latest post, but I read back through as many as I can on the site. I see what they stand for, what they believe, and what they talk about.

    If they don’t go along with my philosophy, then I kindly say no. If I can support it, fine, but I still check out their site regularly. I look at it this way, if they are on my blogroll, then I am endorsing them. I take that way too seriously!

    I don’t or haven’t asked for them to return the favor. Maybe I should! And maybe I will…

    As I said, I’m new, so I’m learning. But one thing I know, I enjoy your site. I don’t always agree with you (but so what!). I don’t always relate to your struggles (but, again, so what!) But, I often find myself thinking throughout the day about what you’ve written! As a matter of fact, I was up at 3 AM this morning thinking about a post you shared several weeks ago! You’ve really got to stop doing that to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: Ok so thanks for the compliments but bull about keeping you up at night. Ha ha!!! That made me laugh.


  3. wbppsh7 Says:

    Mostly I use my blog to stay in “better” touch with people. Think about it Heidi, if we didn’t stay in touch when whatever happened (not making it less, but I seriously don’t remember all of it), I wouldn’t know Jeremy and I wouldn’t know that you were in FL either. That would kind of stink! I don’t do Facebook or MySpace. This is where I feel most comfortable and I can stay in touch with people that interest me. I only add someone to mine if they really get to me (in any fashion).

  4. carey Says:

    You are a very strong woman! I admire that in you. And further more this is your blog, you can do whatever you feel is right!

    I get sucked in easily as well…hard to believe when people are not real and honest with me, that said, I tend to give them the benefit even if I feel they have wronged me.

    Take care,
    xoxo Carey

  5. Heidi…I was serious!

    Remember talking about the baby dying as the mother slept!

    I have a six-month-old…that statement literally wakes me up at night!

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Oh, yeah, Steve “Harmony”. I remember. Just be at ease a little bit. Statistically your son has the odds in his favor. He is white (more African American babies die from SIDS than Caucasian babies) and he is over 4 months old. SIDS most commonly occurs between 2-4 months of age. According to Dr. Sears the risk of SIDS drops significantly after 6 months of age.

    Check out this info and be at peace, my friend:


  7. candidchatter Says:

    Ali: That is another reason I blog, but truly I don’t have that many family members who read my blog. My sisters do on occasion and my brother’s fiance. My parents don’t, my aunts/uncles don’t, and neither do my in-laws. I still have to use e-mail to get to them. That’s why my blog isn’t so much geared towards my family life. I take care of that separately. I’m glad we’re still in touch. Soooo glad!!


  8. mommato3blessings Says:

    I only read 3 blogs aside from my own 3 (yes, 3. How dorky am I?) on a consistant basis. My sisters (for pics of the boys), my Mom’s (which is brand spanking new) and yours. I peek at a couple others on occasion (like once a week or so), but I check yours 3-4 times a day, just to be sure I miss nothing. I love how you write- I love your honesty, and I have been stretched and have grown by leaps and bounds by reading what you have to say. God has used you in an awesome way through this, Heidi. My sister is now hooked on your blog too- because of the link to here on one of my blogs.
    You ROCK!!!

  9. candidchatter Says:

    Mel: You are going to give me a snobitude. If I become a blog snob I’m going to blame it on you. ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO and thanks a ton for the ongoing encouragement.


  10. bub Says:

    Thanks for reminding me I need to update my blogrolls on my site. I’ve been meaning to do this forever but I get on my blog about as often as I post, once or twice a week. I love your blog and you will definitely be going on the roll. I don’t worry about who links to me since I have a pretty unorthodox blog. Lovin’ Jesus one day. Poker the next. LOL Hey, how did the Ultrasound go?

  11. candidchatter Says:

    Bub: I got you on the roll now. Sorry, I forgot! Leaving for the ultrasound in 10 minutes. I’ll post about it tonight.


  12. jaymi Says:

    I Don’t even write on mine hardly at all!!! I just come here and read! Yours is more fun to read than mine is to write!…Hey do you want to write mine…hehe j/k

  13. jimmy paravane Says:

    You would have had fun on Fidonet. Maybe. (grin)

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