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Results August 27, 2008

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Down syndrome risk: 1 in 1100+ births (better than avg stats for my age)
Trisomy 18 risk: none
Spina Bifida risk: none
Quad screen test: negative (this tests for Down syndrome among other things)
Glucose test: negative (total shocker! i know they’ll retest me though)
Coxsackievirus test: results still not in

The baby has ZERO markers that would indicate Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 21 other than the choroid plexus cyst. That being the case, the cyst is considered isolated. This is MOST EXCELLENT news!!

Our baby is going to be fine as far as we can tell. The only way to know for sure is to have an amniocentesis which I am 100% certain I will not do. I have a follow-up ultrasound plus an echo cardiogram for the little tyke in 4 weeks. The “echo” is to be certain that the heart is still functioning as it should and that there is no fluid around it. This is a precaution because of my exposure to the coxsackievirus. The heart looked and sounded just perfect today so there is no reason for alarm. Precaution has become a familiar word around here.

The perinatologist that I saw today said that he has seen these cysts as big as 14 centimeters and the baby who had that large of one was born healthy and normal. Our baby’s cyst is 4.7 centimeters — on the small side. These cysts are not cancerous and they do not cause brain damage (or any other damage). In fact, he said he hates that they are even called “cysts” because that sends the wrong message to the concerned parents.

Our baby’s nuchal fold is 3.11 centimeters. In a Down’s baby, it would be 6 centimeters or more. The head circumference and length of femur bone and arm bone are all in the normal range. In a Down’s baby, the head circ would be larger than normal and the other bones would be smaller than normal. In a Trisomy 18 baby, all kinds of things would be wrong: clenched fists with oddly positioned finger bones, club feet, cysts on stomach and head, organs in bad shape, heart in wrong place in chest, stomach underdeveloped, etc. All our baby’s features, bones, and organs are exactly where they should be and are functioning exactly as they should be.

Thank you every one of you who prayed for us. I’ll be sure to keep you posted in the future as the follow-up appointments are done.

Sweet relief.

Sweet, sweet relief.

Pray for those who won’t be as lucky as we are this day. Pray for the parents who get bad news. Pray for the ones whose precious son or daughter will die today. Don’t forget to pray for the ones who suffer as we celebrate our healthy child.

Thank you.

Hi Everyone!!
[profile of baby]


12 Responses to “Results”

  1. bub Says:

    Aww Heck, me and the wife are looking at your baby’s ultrasound and we think that’s the cutest little baby we’ve ever seen on an ultrasound. So stoked that he or she is good and well. We’re praying for ya…

  2. Lauren Says:

    Oh Heidi! The baby is beautiful (as I totally knew he or she would be)!!!!!!!

    What wonderful news!

  3. tonyyork Says:

    Looks like a handsome young man… or at least that’s the thought that crossed my mind when I saw the ultrasound picture. I know you haven’t learned the sex as of yet… so now I am curious to find out which it will be when you finally deliver.

    I am thrilled that the tests came back so positive. God is good….all the time.

  4. Candy Says:

    Such great news. God was the same before the results as He was after. And how awesome is our God! Bless you for including the others in your prayers. You are truly pointing others to Him. I wish you all the best in the remainder of your pregnancy.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Thank you very much everyone. I slept like a dream last night. No nightmares. šŸ™‚


  6. Heidi…great news! The best news!

    But, now I know what you are having…The profile makes it so obvious!

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

  7. jalack Says:

    Praise God.

  8. Cynthia Says:

    I’m so happy that the tests came back with good news! Praise God! We will continue to pray for you and your baby.

  9. wbppsh7 Says:


  10. Lana Says:

    that has got to be one of the sweetest little ultrasound pictures I’ve ever seen.
    Your baby is so peaceful, I wonder how the baby will be once we welcome him/her to the world.

    I wish the bottom wasn’t blurry! I’m an expert at ultrasound reading.

  11. Ginger Bliss Says:

    What wonderful news. Thanks for leaving all the details on the blog. How is Jeremy feeling?

  12. candidchatter Says:

    Lana: I’m an ‘expert’ at reading them too. Now if you can hunt down my mother-in-law — she has THE picture of the anatomy. I looked away again yesterday. I know what a penis looks like and it ain’t the umbilical cord. šŸ˜‰

    Ginger: He’s fine. The kids only had fevers for 24 hours, then they were just tired for a day, then they were fine. I don’t think Brianna’s rash has anything to do with coxsackievirus. She just gets this mysterious rash now and then. So we’re lathering her in Aveeno w/hydrocortisone lately to keep her from itching. How did you all do? Did anyone get sick??


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