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Glutton for Punishment August 28, 2008

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That is me.

My in-laws bought my kids the granddaddy of all gifts. All we had to do was put it together. Simple. Or was it?

About the time it needed carted to the backyard, my husband got on a 2 hour conference call. So what is a mom like me to do when her almost 4 year old starts to cry (not a fit — a real “my feelings are crushed” cry) because daddy won’t be able to take it to the backyard so mommy can put it together before her nap? Ugh! I prayed real hard that God would give me strength — of the physical sort — and then I got the dolly out of the garage. The first box was easy; only 53 pounds. Cool. The second box… not so much. I read the instructions to find out it weighs more than I do; a whopping 164 pounds. That daggone box caused me to heave and ho all the way to the backyard with a flat tire on the dolly. I didn’t know it was flat until I dragged that monster box onto it. I almost cussed. It was on the tip of my tongue and had already formed in my brain.

My daughter was cheering me on the whole time. “Mommy, you can do it” — “Mommy, I’m gonna love this so much. Thank you!” — “Mommy, you are so strong” — “Mommy, I want to help you” — “Mommy, why is your face so red” — “Mommy, you are getting so wet. Your hair is wet.” — “Mommy, you did it!!!!!”

Not to mention it was like 100 degrees with 200 percent humidity today. Easily the hottest day of the whole freaking year in blistering south Florida. Yeah baby!

A 15 foot round trampoline.

I spent an hour putting the frame together. Then I realized I couldn’t turn it over all by myself to start hooking up the mat. Great. Rich was still on the phone. I took a break and made lunch. I am almost grateful it was so hot because once we went inside and sat down to eat the kids weren’t interested in being outside again any time soon. Whew!!! Off to take a nap… all three of us.

Nap over — conference call over — time to flip it over and hook up the mat. For crying out loud. It’s a darn good thing my husband and I have a wonderful relationship or we’d both be on the phone with our own personal lawyers right this minute. He pushed while I pulled. I pushed while he pulled. Eighty-four coils later we were high fiving each other and not hugging because we were drenched from head to pinky toe in sweat. Sand stuck to our skin, bugs bit us everywhere we can’t reach to scratch, gnats buzzed in our ears, and neither one of us cussed. We laughed and joked and teased and got it done. It was hard, but I have to admit it was fun being with him and goofing off for an hour while the kids ran around naked except for undies in our little sunshiny yard.

Then they got on it. Giggles, shouts of delight, “watch this mom”, and all sorts of kiddie happiness. Those hours, that sweat, the sore calloused hands, the aching back, the headache, the sunburnt cheeks… all worth it 100 times 100%.

We did it. They love it. Thank you Peacha and Poppy. You made your grandbabies so happy today!!! You rock!!!


4 Responses to “Glutton for Punishment”

  1. Debateur Says:

    Sounds like quite the adventure but it must have made you feel so great that the kids had so much fun.

  2. Great in-laws…give a present like this…and then now where to be found when it comes to putting it together! Been there and done that!

    I love your daughter’s encouragement! Maybe, the next time I’m having a difficult day, may I call her and just let her cheer me on?

  3. stacy Says:

    How fun!! I can still see Brianna’s ear to ear grin and hear Jeremy’s belly laugh when they got on ours. 🙂
    Oh…if you think putting it together is hard, try taking it apart! We had to do that since Fay took a whipping to our trampoline. The funeral was last Monday…..

  4. wbppsh7 Says:

    Regan loved her first time on a tramp this past Sat! At her friends b-day party – she was the only squealer she was having soooooo much fun! They will love that thing FOR-EVAH!!!!

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