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Birthday Eve August 31, 2008

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We make a big deal out of birthdays around here, celebrating a day or two in advance and thereafter. Today we are doing Chuck E. Cheese for Brianna. Tomorrow is her actual birthday when we will get her the present she has been dreaming of for about 6 months — a new big girl bike with training wheels (and a helmet). Tuesday she starts school where they will have a class party for her and pass out cookies that I have to drop off to her teacher. Next weekend is her party — a Luau — right here at our humble abode. Plus, she’ll start to get cards and gifts in the mail over the next several days from her aunts and grandparents far and wide.

Happy Birthday Eve Brianna Lyn.

PS: I made this up today and thought I’d rub it in to those of you who subscribe to losing teams. Ha!

I’m a Buckeye, born and bred;
Bleeding scarlet and gray until I’m dead!

See what a college education can teach ya!


Ok – go –
you make up your own rhyme
for your college team of choice.
Blow me away!!


6 Responses to “Birthday Eve”

  1. Happy B’day Brianna! I hope every minute of your special day will be filled with joy, happiness, smiles, and laughs. And, may that not only be true for this special day, but may it be true for every day of your life!

    Laugh loud…laugh often…laugh for no reason!


  2. candidchatter Says:

    Aww, that was sweet Steve, and she grinned when I read it to her. Thanks.


  3. Lauren Says:

    Happy Birthday Eve Miss Bri!!!

  4. Debateur Says:

    We’re big on birthdays too. It sure sounds like your daughter is going to have an amazing time.

  5. Lana Says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Brianna. You deserve all the attention you get. We can’t wait until your party!!! We’ll all be there.

    And since Mommy mixed your tribute with her love for Buckeyes… I’ll teach you an even better one for your birthday… and you don’t even need a college education to learn it… it’s better said with a Southern accent… try it, Mommy can teach you! Have her say it over, and over, and over.

    It goes like this:
    If you AIN’T a gator… You GATOR BAIT.
    (unfortunately, the Buckeyes know all about being Gator Bait… and if that gator ever shows up in your backyard again, DON’T FEED IT A STEAK OR you’ll witness the type of shredding that the Gators do on ‘dem yankees…)
    Big Kiss…

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Oh Lana that hurts. Ouch!

    Glad you’ll be at her party!!


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