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The Interview Online August 31, 2008

Remember I told you a reporter from The Tampa Tribune did an interview regarding my Memorial Tattoo? Well here it is – CLICK HERE for the article – my section of the story is last under the heading “A Thought-Out Decision”. He did an excellent job and quoted me perfectly. I am very pleased with the resulting story.

You can see a picture of my tattoo HERE or you can click HERE to see all of the tattoos related to his article. Mine is the first one in the 2nd row of pictures.

I still pray about that baby. I thank God for him/her and ask Him to let the baby know how much I love him/her still.

I can’t get over how many lives have been touched by that precious, innocent, tiny, short life. It warms my heart that his/her life was not in vain.


5 Responses to “The Interview Online”

  1. I hope this testimony will touch thousands of lives! I have no doubt that it will!

    Happy Labor Day…and as you continue to prepare for the big “labor” day to come soon!

  2. Debateur Says:

    I’m so happy I read your post today. I’ve been a new reader and didn’t know your story until today. I am so sorry for your loss. The tatoo is beautiful.

  3. wbppsh7 Says:

    He did an awesome job with the entire article – I’m glad that it was another positive experience for you – did you print it out to keep or will you cut it out.

  4. daphne Says:

    Just read the article and I did not heart it. I had my brother’s initials put into my arm band after he was killed and both my husband and I have tats for the baby we lost (his stands alone while mine is for all 4 of our daughters).

    It seemed like the writer was saying when even prayer did not help, a thought out tattoo did.

    I dunno, maybe I am grouchy from being evacuated but I took it wrong. I very much think anyone under 18 should not be inked and even think 21 may be better and it is not a decission to make lightly at any age and that was touched on. Still, I am glad you got to share.

    From someone who has a calling to pregnancy and infant loss support, I thought it was awesome to highlight memorializing a baby lost at 8 weeks. I bet many women who had a miscarriage and think they need to ‘get over it’ will see they will carry their love and memories forever thanks to your tattoo.

    I am so glad your courage to share your baby with anyone who will listen is being noticed. I know how much that helps others who have lost as we have. Grace & Peace, daphne

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks Daphne. I understand what you mean. He left a lot of our conversation out, so I was just glad he put that I pray in there at all. He didn’t mention the one thing that healed me above all was getting pregnant again. He didn’t mention my pregnancy period. So the fact that he put prayer in there pleased me… even if it was portrayed a little less than. As a writer, he had to stick with his topic of memorializing people through tattooing. That’s the job — plus he has an editor to contend with. He told me via e-mail he wanted to lead with my story, but his editor didn’t want that. She wanted the focus to be the local youth memorializing their friends who have passed.


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