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She’s Four September 1, 2008

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What an awesome birthday my little Bree is having. I think I’m having as much fun as she is.
She is so excited and it’s contagious.

Chuck E. Cheese

Birthday Bike

Birthday Cake

Blowing Out Candles

PS: Initially I put a belly picture of me
on here, but then felt very much like
it was not very modest.
It’s hot here in Florida, I had on a spaghetti
strap tank top. Anyway, I’ll post a different
picture another day.
I’m too self conscious.


11 Responses to “She’s Four”

  1. stacy Says:


  2. Jen Says:


  3. candidchatter Says:

    Thank you Stacy!!

    Thank you Jen – but I took it down – too much chest showing and made me feel slutty. Blah!! But thanks anyways.


  4. jimmy paravane Says:

    You know this isn’t fair, right? Here I am trying to be all depressed and snarky all over the place, and you pull out the cute kid pictures. Being a grandparent, my hand was already reaching for my billfold. Worse yet, I have a scanner now and her grandmother and mom are worse than I am about pictures. We have albums AND digital collections crowding hard drives, CD’s and now USB sticks. Why I could do a whole blog on my only grandchild. Do you know how dangerous grandparents of an only grandchild can be when it comes to pictures? I even have pictures of the marks we make on the computer room door jam showing her growth rate.
    Not fair at all. (grin)

  5. candidchatter Says:

    LOL Jimmy — It is my mission to remove the depressed snarky side of you and turn you from a troll into a shining prince. 😉 I have thousands of pictures of my daughter. I have hundreds of my son. I think this next child will have like maybe 25. LOL! Goes with the territory.

    Off to take the girl to her first day of preschool.


  6. So…correct me if I am wrong…is she wearing a spiderman outfit? How funny!

    Anyone want pictures? My son will be 7 months old this week…and we have over 700 photos crowding the computer, CDs, and even his own blog!

    What a doll you have there Heidi!

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: OMGosh – you don’t know about her obsession with Spiderman, do you? You’re sort of new still, I suppose. Yes!! She has Spiderman pajamas and a flashing Spiderman t-shirt. I chalk it up to Spiderman being as hot as they come. Check out his build. See those 6 pack abs of steel?? Girl has excellent taste in super heroes!! LOLOL!! She even wants Spiderman figures for her b-day. She’s so darling. Thanks for the compliments — and another LOL about your son’s pix, website, and so on. You’re a proud daddy and he’s a dollbaby too. 🙂


  8. wbppsh7 Says:

    We are getting a bike for Regan too – great minds…..I tell ya!!!!

  9. Debateur Says:

    Wow that sure looks like a fun birthday party. Can’t wait for my daughter’s coming up soon. Looking forward to a belly picture. I love belly pictures !

  10. candidchatter Says:

    Ali: Why we’re such good friends girlie… we are awesome! LOL!

    Debateur: And we’re not done yet. Her party with all her little friends is on Saturday. I’ll put up another belly pic soon. I have to have Rich take one when my hair is done (which isn’t often).


  11. Mel Says:

    Hope miss Bree enjoyed her day!!!
    And I hope that boy enjoyed his coffee!!!! (wink wink!)
    She is too adorable for words, spidey and all.

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