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Success and Hodge Podge September 2, 2008

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I didn’t even cry.

Brianna’s first day of preschool went better than I could have imagined. She didn’t put up a fight. She bounced into her classroom full of wonder and excitement. I left with a smile on my face looking forward to a few hours alone with my son.

I took Jeremy to a local farmer’s market to get some delicious tomatos and fruit. Then we went to visit his great aunt at the gift shop she owns.

Brianna was rosy-cheeked and grinning from ear to ear when we picked her up. We ate a healthy lunch with the best tasting fresh fruit in Florida. Then off to ride bikes (them, not me) for half an hour.

They’re about to take a nap and I’m off to buy a birthday gift for my mother-in-law who has it all. I think I’ll just buy her a fancy pair of shoes since that is one of her “things” that she will want no matter the fact that shoes is the last thing she needs. She probably has 100 pairs (no lie). But I guess, and my friend JB would agree, shoes are a girl’s best friend. I think it’s diamonds, but what do I know. My taste is over the top expensive and I doubt I’ll ever own the diamond of my dreams. Yeah, that’s a “no”, since it costs as much as a house. Five carat, emerald cut, flawless, Canary diamond anyone? Yeah… I’d feel guilty wearing it anyway knowing it could have fed about 4000 starving children. But I digress.

So no nap for me today. But that’s alright. I get a great amount of pleasure shopping ALONE — even if it’s not for me. Still, it’s ALONE.

I’ve got this stupid thing going on lately. Lust. Yep. Lusting after that cute little BMW I saw zipping over the bridge today. Sometimes I think “what a giant waste of money”. Other times I can clearly see myself behind the wheel. Will my greed ever end? Hard not to be greedy in our society here in the good ol’ US of A. Hard to not want the better and more expensive and affluent car when my husband just got a new job which came with a bigger paycheck and bonus. Hard not to lust for the material riches of this world. Hard not to buy the newest Dooney and Burke handbag at Macy’s because my fetish is all about purses and jewelry. Hard.

But I resist. More important that the kids go to Christian schools. More important that we give our money to trustworthy causes. More important that we save.

But still — I craaaaave!!

What are your
lustful material
cravings lately?
Tell me about it.


2 Responses to “Success and Hodge Podge”

  1. bub Says:

    I’m having to really think about this for a minute. I know that I don’t normally lust after material things. Except money. Isn’t that strange? I don’t want to buy anything, if I did it would be a vacation or some good food, ya know what I mean? I lust after having enough money that I could do nothing all day. Gee, I wonder why I don’t have any. I let my wife do most of my lusting for me. She wants all sorts of things. Which is good. One of us needs to aspire. I’ll let her lead the way.

  2. Mel Says:

    I just got the main thing I have been drooling over, thanks to Eric (my shiny new Nikon DSLR). So now on to my other fettishes… I have a thing for cars, like you. Oh, you KNOW one day that viper will be mine! But for now I would settle for the amazingly beautiful ‘vette I saw last night. Gorgeous car.
    Oh, and I have that little thing for shoes too- they just make me happy. No reason, they are just wonderful. I love wearing sexy little heels- nothing like making your feet feel sexy, huh?! But it is sooooo true. Hot shoes can MAKE the otherwise boring and un-sexy outfit . I speak from experience! 🙂

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