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My Dad in Me September 3, 2008

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Yes, I am a daddy’s girl. It hasn’t always been that way. I shattered our relationship quite harshly during my late teens and early 20s. He hated my ex-husband; I was determined to marry him anyway. Funny how we don’t see what our parents see until it’s far too late.

But now we have a great relationship. I enjoy our weekly chats and he’s always so full of energy. The man turns 60 this month and, talking to him, you’d never know it. He’s a go-getter. He’s a toughy with a heart of platinum. He’s helpful and loving and funny.

And I have so many traits of his. Not just my looks either. I am self-reliant, outgoing, smart, funny, and I can take apart a toilet and put it back together without directions. ShaZam!! My dad the handyman.

If it wasn’t for my dad I would be puking the entire contents of my stomach out right this very minute over stress and nerves. He is our Realtor. He is the man behind the scenes who takes care of our stupid house we can’t sell real estate interest in Ohio. He just cleaned, painted, ripped out carpet, had new carpet installed, replaced blinds and doorknobs, had the vinyl flooring repaired, and got rid of cat pee in 4 different rooms of that house so we can get a new tenant in there. He will advertise for, interview, research, and contract a new tenant for us. No freaking pets this time!! Guh RRRR!!! He will do it all.

Then he will send us a bill.

Guess what though? He’ll leave off any amount due to him. He’ll charge us nothing because that’s the way he is. He’s my dad and he loves me and so he’ll do all that work for free.

I am not the type of daughter who takes advantage of her parents though. So don’t get me wrong there. That last statement could cause someone who is just a passerby to think I am spoiled and take advantage of my father’s generosity. Don’t judge and, worse yet, don’t assume anything.

So this afternoon I decided to clean — really clean — Brianna’s bedroom. I should stop doing this kind of thing because it always gets me in trouble. It all started with her crawling underneath her bed to hand out the things she had either pushed, kicked, or dropped under there. I meant business when I said “clean”. After I realized she was only going to hand me one thing at a time, I asked her to come out and go get daddy. He came in and moved her bed away from the wall so she could just walk back there and put the stuff on her bed as I decided what we were keeping and what was getting tossed. That did it.

Her bed being 3 feet away from the wall made me see her room differently. Hmmm. Time to move furniture.

Why is it that even at 20+ weeks pregnant I still want to do manly jobs? Rich had to help me with the bed and the 500 pound television. I did the rest. I moved out two dressers. I moved in two different dressers. We put her bed in a different position. I vacuumed, rearranged books, and cleaned out drawers.

Her bedroom looks so much better too. Who knew when I went in there that I’d come out of there having rearranged the entire thing? Not even I knew that. I tackled it like a project with a time limit. Well, it did sort of have a time limit — dinner time that is.

She loves it. I love that she loves it.

Now I have my eyes on my husband’s office. He starts his new job Monday. He won’t be working at home much, if at all, over the next 6 months. Hmmm. I have already priced sleeper sofas. I have already decided that Brianna’s old dressers will go in there. I have already decided where his desk and computers will go. Now I just have to do it. He’ll be shocked one day when he comes home — that I can promise. And I will have a guest room/sitting room. Yeah baby!!

I got my dad in me. My mom too. It’s great to be blessed in such a way. Totally Great!!!


5 Responses to “My Dad in Me”

  1. Debateur Says:

    I’m really close to my Dad too although I really wish my heart was as kind as his. He’s pretty amazing.

  2. Heidi…can I rent you out? With your dad’s abilities in you, the hormones flowing like crazy, and your determination once you get started…I’ve got a list a mile long of things that need to be done or that I want to do…

  3. Camey Says:


    That was beautiful. Very touching. You and your family were just prayed for.


  4. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: I have a 2 mile long list. Mine first!! 🙂

    Camey: Thank you!!!

    D: I don’t know if you got my e-mail so hopefully you follow up on comments — can I add you to my blogroll?? I love your site!!


  5. Debateur Says:

    I’d be honored if you added me to your blog roll. I promise to do the same once my new design is done. Appreciate all of your comments and love your blog.

    And yes mandatory exercise would be harsh but if I didn’t put something in of shock value people would have nothing to disagree about !

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