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Traffic Rant September 5, 2008

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I come from a city. Ok – a suburb of a city. A great city! I miss the city. Columbus, Ohio is where I was born and raised. The freeway system — I heart you 270, 71, 70, 33, 670, 315 and I miss you too — was excellently planned and executed. I also love the new off/on ramps to Sawmill Road. Every off/on ramp should be like that one. Seriously.

My beef where I live is there are only 2 freeways — 95 and the Florida Turnpike; both run north and south. There is no outerbelt or east/west thoroughfare. It aggrivates me daily. DAILY!! But seeing as how we’re not really a city or a suburb, for that matter, or anything more than a commuting bedroom community, I highly doubt we’ll get any fancy freeway system in the near future. GuhRRRRRR!! We are getting a serious mall and that makes me grin, but no easy way to get from PSL to JB and that’s just wrong right there.

Anyway, that’s not really my rant. It’s just the beginning. I’m revving up. Ok, here we go.

In Columbus, there are idiot drivers. But they are few and far between. Most of the people there know how to enter and exit the freeway. Here — not so much.

Let me put it this way. How in the planet do you plan to merge with traffic going 70+ MPH when you are going 45? Do you not believe that is beyond dangerous? Not only that, you have a line of cars behind you all nose to bumper because YOU ARE AN IDIOT of the worst degree!! Oh that burns me up!!

People, please please please pay attention. You are supposed to GO WITH THE FLOW of traffic. That means when you are on an entrance ramp you are to try to gain up to the speed of the traffic flying up into your lane. You are NOT to cause a major accident or have my mini-van with me, my two kids, and my unborn child almost get sideswiped by an 18-wheeler because you are a moron.

Furthermore, you are not supposed to stop at the yield sign at the end of the ramp. That sign means to yield to oncoming traffic. So watch, position your vehicle to merge seamlessly, then gun it grandma!!!

When you exit use your turn signal. That is what it is for. Man alive! Also, do NOT come from the far left lane, cut off 200 angry motorists burning rubber, and then slam on your brakes 2 miles before your exit. For crying out loud!!

I hate the way people in Florida drive. HATE IT!!

PS: You are supposed to try to get over if you see a cop with their lights on on the side of the road. Get out of the way you selfish fool. He/she has a dangerous job. Don’t make it worse by whipping by him as he gets out of his car. Don’t be stupid!!!

What’s your
biggest traffic complaint?


8 Responses to “Traffic Rant”

  1. daphne Says:

    I thought you were not going to say stupid anymore. In answer to your question, yes, put me on your blogroll. ; )
    Grace & Peace, daphne

  2. candidchatter Says:

    LOL Daphne. You’re right. 🙂

    I added you to the roll.


  3. daphne Says:

    that’s what I’m talkin bout baby! ; )

  4. Debateur Says:

    Drivers that cut in and then slam on the breaks because they realized that there wasn’t enough space between them and the car in front and what really burns me is if you hit them it’s your fault.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    D: Yes, girl, yes!! I can feel my temperature rising just imagining it.


  6. How about the old people in FL who ride with their left blinker on…for miles and miles and miles…drives me crazy…

    I also don’t like people who ride in the left lane…going 20 miles under the posted speed!

    They are so stupid…sorry…idiots…not any better…morons…imbeciles…crazy…

    Oh, I know…they are New Yorkers! Florida is filled with them!

  7. Tony York Says:

    I drive those Columbus, Ohio roads almost everyday. My favorite pet peeve is those drivers that turn right on red .. right in front of you going 50 miles an hour like as long as they can get in front of you then you have slow down and make sure they are safe. Just because you can turn right on red doesn’t mean you should…. look to see what is coming down the road first.

    Anyway.. done with my little traffic rant.

  8. Andrea Says:

    O.K. Heidi, I can just see you getting all fired up. I would love to be in your car when you are getting on I-95.

    Everything you mentioned is “YES” an everyday occurrence here in Florida on the 95.

    What I hate is when you are in the fast lane, and you are going faster than the traffic your passing; when suddenly a moron comes up behind you flashing his brights on you to get over. Well, how the heck are you going to get over when you are passing a long line of cars that are going slower than you. When this happens, I just want to let off the gas and go the speed limit just to tick them off. Who made them “KING” of the road?

    One more peeve since you got me fired up. This is not on the highway, but gosh if this does not happen to me about 50 times a day here in PSL.

    I am driving down the road and a car is coming off the side street (that has a STOP sign), They don’t stop, they don’t even slow down, they don’t look to see if anyone is even coming there way. They just punch it and get right in front of you. Which is all fine and dandy if you continue to punch it, where I don’t need to slow down because I am almost up your rear end. BUT NOOOOO!!!! here in PSL they don’t follow the rules of stopping at the sign, just so they can get in front of you to slow down and do their “Sunday Drive” looking at all the sights around them.

    Auuuggghhhh…Now that I am all flustered, I have to go get my shower and do the Monday errands. Pray for my safety!!!

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