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Big Birthday Bash September 6, 2008

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Well the day has finally come. My house is all decorated Luau style. It’s clean too! Everything is ready. I swear I am like a kid in a candy store when my kids have birthdays. It’s so much fun for me to celebrate big for them!

Yesterday while in the car on our way to pick up pizza for dinner, Brianna told me that her hair is “driving me nuts, mom”. Really? Why? “It’s too long”. It has been growing for almost a year. The last time we cut it was before our trip to Arizona last October. She has had trims since then, but no real cuts. She has been blessed with my hair. It’s naturally wavy. It’s beautiful. But it’s a PITA to keep untangled. I understand. I seriously do. I have to pull and fight with my own hair after a shower and that’s after using a powerful conditioner.

Two of her cousins have hair down to their bottoms. I asked her “don’t you want your hair as long as H and K?” She was so sure of herself “no mommy I don’t like that long hair”. LOL!

Ok so I took her to the salon. Twenty minutes later my four year old daughter of love got the cutest hairstyle she’s ever had. It’s short and stacked in the back and then angles down towards her chin in the front. How to describe?? Forget it. I’ll just post pictures later. That way you can see for yourselves.

She’s a beauty. That girl has my heart.

Today is going to be a total blast!!

I hope your weekend is awesome too!!


2 Responses to “Big Birthday Bash”

  1. Debateur Says:

    I so love my daughter’s birthday parties too. Hers is next Saturday stay tuned. The way you describe her hair sounds really beautiful.

    Can’t wait to hear all about the party.

  2. Hope to see pictures of the hair…and the b’day party…

    I’m really hoping today is special for all of you!

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