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Coming Not so Soon September 7, 2008

Ok – so my daughter would bet her little life on it.
My friend LB is sure of it.
Some other friends of mine think so too.
If I wasn’t so self-conscious I’d put up a picture so you could argue about it.
My mother-in-law is the only person outside of my medical group who knows for certain.
My perinatologist and his sonographer have teased me about it.

What is it? You guessed right probably. It’s the gender of our baby.

Besides my mother-in-law and medical group — all say “boy”. The others won’t tell and I won’t ask.

Well if it is a boy his name will be Justin. I had to clear this choice with a loved one for reasons I won’t disclose. But I’m sure you can all relate to negative name association. I sure can. I would never name my child Meredith, Mildred, or James (Jim, Jimmy) because those names make me crawl inside myself. It’s not the names themselves though. It’s who they remind me of. Blech!!

Anyway. What I’m trying to conjure up here is some sort of contest for you all to participate in. You know I don’t do contests for popularity (I would never ask you to tell this or that person and leave my link and so on) and I don’t give away prizes (I’ve had two contests where I’ve donated $25 to a charity of their choice). What I am thinking of is this — double up the donation amount to $50 for a donation to The March of Dimes or St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I think those two fit because they are for babies or children, they are well-known, and they just touch me to the core.

So — help! What should this contest be like? It needs to be more difficult than before since the donation is double. Any suggestions?

My idea:
Name the gender
the time of birth
the birth weight
????? what else ?????
I’m not due till January.
So — THINK!!


7 Responses to “Coming Not so Soon”

  1. Heidi…my wife is a school teacher. Our problem in naming our son was that she didn’t want to name the child after any of the children she had had over the last couple of years…that pretty much wipes out dozens of names. She also didn’t want to name him something that was in the top 10 names–she didn’t want every child in 5 years having the same name in school!

    So…we finally settled on Evan–#48 at the time…let’s see if that name rises or falls in the next couple of years!

    Contest? Hmmm…I’ll give it some thought.

    We could guess how much weight YOU gain during pregnancy! But, you’d have to fess up over that one…we could do the birth weight, length, and head measurement…we could predict the date and time…but, those are all a little boring…I’ll give it some more thought…

  2. Debateur Says:

    Honestly I’m kind of a traditionist and very boring so I’d probably just go with gender, length, time of birth oh but I do love weight gained during pregnancy although that could be a separate contest we could all compete for who gained the most.

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Let’s not do boring — I’ll have to spice it up somewhat. Make it fun and funny. Thankfully I have time to think about it more.

    I like the idea of my weight gain. I also thought maybe the measurement around my waist at a certain point. I don’t know, but it will crack me up to see all of your guesses. That is what I’m looking forward to.


  4. I’ve got another idea…maybe we all start tracking OUR weight gain too between now and the delivery…you know we are all going to have sympathy weight gain because of this!

    I’ll do my part tonight by eating a piece of coconut cake my wife made Saturday!

  5. bub Says:

    There’s now way for us to guess the gender of your baby correctly unless we can see if you are carrying it high or low. Geez, everyone knows that!

  6. mommyghee Says:

    A lot depends on your last name. If it’s Cain please don’t name her Candice or Ben, if you last name is Dover…… get my point. I wrote an article about names and it is published on {edited to remove solicitation} magazine that is also on my web site {edited to remove solicitation}, the coolest place to buy the funkiest maternity clothes. Check it out !

  7. candidchatter Says:

    MommyGhee: Although I appreciate your comments, I don’t appreciate the solicitation. I do not advertise and I request that you refrain from it as well. Your comments have been edited to remove your attempts to attract me and my readers to your websites. I will not be visiting either one of them. Spam is spam, girl.

    Thank you.

    Heidi Reed

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