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Sixty Years Ago; Ten Years Ago September 9, 2008

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Happy Birthday Dad!!

My dad turned 60 today. I love him over the top!! He and my mom went on a romantic weekend getaway. They deserve it too.

Ten years ago today my divorce was finalized from my ex-husband. It was one of the best birthday gifts I think my dad ever received. He loathed my ex.

Divorce may be frowned upon by certain groups of people. But, for me, it was one of the greatest decisions I made in my life. It turned everything completely around for me. If I hadn’t made that decision to leave I would not be a Christian, I would not have a good relationship with my family, I would not have the wonderful friends that I now have, I would not have my awesome husband, and I would not have these beautiful children.

So happy 60 and happy 10.


2 Responses to “Sixty Years Ago; Ten Years Ago”

  1. Mel Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Heidi’s Daddy!

    And Congratulations, Happy “Yay you divorced that jerk” Day!!!

    Love you, my friend.

  2. Happy B’day Mr. Dad! You raised a fine daughter! I know you are as proud of her as she is of you!

    And, Happy Independence Day to you Miss Heidi…

    Truly…I know how much this day means to you!

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