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Personal Trainer September 10, 2008

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Over the years I have been an on and off fitness freak. When I decide to lose weight, I go for it. I get myself all motivated and there is no breaking my stride. Well, until something terrible derails me — like a miscarriage. But, aside from anything traumatic, I will exercise and eat right to a “T”.

I have never hired a personal trainer to coach me. I have done my research. I know what will keep me on track. I mix it up a lot. I try to make it fun and challenging enough that I won’t lose interest. There is nothing more boring to me than walking on a treadmill or doing whatever you call that on an elliptical trainer. Yawwwwn!!!

However, now that I am 35 I wonder if I should hire a trainer. By the time I am released for the type of physical punishment I like to put myself through, I will be much closer to 36. That and I will have birthed three children to boot. Flabber flubber. Ick!!

There is a local woman who likes to put the smack down on her clients. She’s expensive. She’s serious. So serious that it is rumored she will quit a client who doesn’t do what she says inside and outside of the gym. I have seen the results though. The two women I met who go to her are freaking beeee-uuu-teeee-ful!! Both are toned from neck to ankle. Their deltoid muscles made me drool. Their biceps and triceps gave me unbelievable envy (no underarm jiggle). Their thighs didn’t touch (imagine that!). Their stomachs were rock hard 6 packs. You could bounce a quarter off of their butts. Their calf muscles looked glorious. I was sick (I mean ill to the bone) with envy. I was sooo jealous I almost couldn’t function right. Oh, and they were BOTH 40+ years old. Mmm Hmm.

My sister-in-law used to go to this woman too. My sister-in-law is beyond gorgeous. She used to be a model. That was years ago, but the beauty hasn’t changed. She’s drop dead beautiful. Glamorous too. She could easily pass for red carpet Hollywood any day of the week. Anyway, she said this woman was so tough she couldn’t walk normal for days. She gave up.

I don’t know how extreme of a trainer I want. But I think I want to try. Most gyms have child care. I was thinking I could take Brianna to school and then take the other 2 to the gym with me while I work out. Then I could pick her up afterwards. That would give me about 2 hours to get a good workout 5 days a week. Perfect! I’d have the weekends off.

So have any of you ever hired a personal trainer? If so, what was your experience? Do you recommend one?


6 Responses to “Personal Trainer”

  1. Or…maybe the answer is that you are already beautiful and you just don’t recognize it!

  2. If my previous answer won’t work for you, then you might want to read this Newsweek article:

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: It’s not just a beauty thing for me. It’s the unbelievable way I feel when I’m fit. I’ve said for years that “fit feels better than [insert fav fatty food] tastes” and it’s so very true. I love the energy. I love that I can move my body in all directions w/out pain anywhere. I love that my sciatica troubles disappear. I love how my clothes fit me. I love that I can keep up with my children all day long. I love that I don’t get sick much when I’m fit. There are many aspects to it that keep me going back for more “no pain, no gain”. I’ll check out the article now and THANKS for the compliment. My friend JB always says the same thing to me. I doubt anyone knows how beautiful he or she is… not even the genetic mutants called super models.


  4. candidchatter Says:

    Hey thanks Steve — again. Great article!!


  5. Jason Says:

    personal trainer???? most of the time when I see someone running in my neighborhood I look behind them to see if someone is chasing them, I will often stop and offer them a ride…In all seriousness I need to get back in the gym, I hate running but I am impatient and I want to get my heart rate up and keep it up so I will run on the treadmill, I’m not flexible enough (and by that I mean my body don’t bend so good) to do yoga or pilates or whatever it is you women do in that secret room with all the mats and bicycles and the girl power lesbian rock blaring, beside that I want to be able to walk the next day and I don’t think I could keep up.

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Jason: You are always good for a laugh. Spinning class. Now that would kick your buttocks!! I loved the spinning classes I took in Ohio. Yoga? Well, I’d rather NOT have someone teaching me that. I prefer DVDs in the comfort of my own home (incase I fart — some poses will make ya do that). Pilates is too expensive, but I love doing mat Pilates to DVDs too. I do Yoga or Pilates on down days or days when I’m too daggone sore or tired to do the bigger workouts. Soooothing. Anyway — I also hate to run and so do my joints. You won’t catch me running anywhere other than to play with my kids. I’d rather do aerobics or take a spinning class for my cardio. Oh and I love cardio kickboxing. Now we have a trampoline so I’ll be doing my old tricks on that thing too. I’m rambling now. Lesbian rock. ROFL! Whatever in the world do you mean by that?


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