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House Bound for Three Days September 12, 2008

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Not because of a hurricane.
Not because of a heat wave.
Not because of a broken down vehicle.


Because of a terrible chest cold.

When you have a party with 40+ people the chances of coming away completely healthy are slim to none. Somebody came over with some sort of germ and now everyone here is suffering. I happen to think I’m the worst case because, as I’ve mentioned on here before, my unborn baby gets all the good stuff and I get the leftovers. My immune system isn’t up to the task apparently. This is Brianna’s third day of missing school. Their sick child policy is pretty strict (and I’m grateful). Jeremy woke up 3 times last night. We’re all coughing our heads off and eating cough drops like it’s candy. I can’t wear my contact lenses because my eyes are on fire.

Anyway, my hope is that by Sunday we will be fine and can go to church. I don’t know how long it has been since I was able to go — a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks. I can’t remember. I don’t take my kids to Sunday school if they are sick and last week Jeremy had a low-grade fever and diarrhea. When I miss church I feel like I miss an important chunk of my week. I miss community worship. I miss my most fantabulous pastor who feeds his sheep like no pastor I’ve encountered to date. I miss my friends. I miss seeing new faces fill the seats every week. I miss fellowship.

The good news is my laundry pile is too small to do a full load and I’ve been able to keep my kitchen clean and carpets vacuumed. I need to clean my master bathroom in a big way still. I lack motivation for that. It’s a very large bathroom with double sinks, a roman tub, and separate shower stall. A lot to clean. Maybe tomorrow when my sweetheart is home and can keep an eye on the kids for 30 minutes so I have no interruptions.

Speaking of him… The new job is going great! He is very happy with his decision to change places of employment and even went out with the boys after work last night. Rich is a friendly fellow and makes friends easily. He had fun and got home late. I’m happy for him.

Have a great Friday. Stay healthy. Just a few more hours and the weekend begins. Yahoo!


2 Responses to “House Bound for Three Days”

  1. IMHO…who cares about the master bathroom!

    Close the door…dim the lights when you go in there…and just pretend everything is okay…

    The biggest task is get well first!

    Remind me…the last party you guys went to, didn’t the kiddos come home sick? Maybe it is time for some new (healthy) friends!

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: Well there are just certain parents who don’t know when to keep their kids home. I would rather be minus a present for Brianna than have this nasty cold. But, whatever! Wait till your precious wee one starts going to places where other children gather. It will tick you off. But it’s par for the course, unfortunately. I have vented about it on here before — several months ago. I have an incurable disease that is triggered by fatigue and a suppressed immune system. I hope nothing comes of this, but if it does I can assure you I will be most unhappy. Grr!!


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