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Do They Really Think We Care? September 13, 2008

Alright. Now I have to admit, I am not a big fan of anyone. I have my favorite tastes in music, but I wouldn’t wet myself if Carlos Santana walked up to me and asked me for change for a dollar. There are people I’d like to meet if only to ask a few questions. I’d like to sit down with Britney Spears. I would love to encourage her to keep trying everything she can to get her kids back and pat her on the back for starting to get her life back together. She’s worked hard, it seems. I’d like to eat a nice juicy hamburger cooked medium right on Pam Anderson’s lap squirting juicy dead cow in her left eye. Yeah! But that’s mean, isn’t it?

So since I’m not easily star struck I have this thing that makes me laugh. It seriously does. I wonder if these Hollywood types really think what they say about the election — good or bad — really makes a difference. Is it just me, or do others of you think most Hollywood actors and actresses are a bunch of good looking morons? How hard is it to pretend you’re someone you’re not on screen? Maybe I’m a bit naive, but seriously — if they can do it, I think most anyone can. The ones who can sing, well they are just gifted. That takes God given talent and sometimes a lot of training and some guts and some confidence. But it appears that a lot of these actors and singers get this elitist attitude that they can swing an election based on their opinions of a candidate (or a candidate’s running mate). It makes me laugh. I think, “shut up puppet, here’s another dollar — dance puppet dance.” I know I have a mean streak so you don’t need to send me angry e-mails or badger me about how oh so judgmental I am being — look in the mirror baby, then once you see your flawlessness you can throw your stones.

So tell me — what is the ONE or TWO things that decides it for you. You don’t have to reveal your candidate of choice. Just tell me what makes you lean one way or the other. Mine is simple — abortion. That’s it. Period. I don’t care about anything else. My opinion of a person’s character begins with his or her opinion on the sanctitiy of human life as well as their desire to defend the most innocent of us all, the unborn. As a result of my conviction in this matter, I will be voting for John McCain. Do I think he’s perfect? No. But who the heck is?

Spill it.


5 Responses to “Do They Really Think We Care?”

  1. Debateur Says:

    For me it’s how the poor and sickly are treated. Other things stick out but to me the mark of a great country is how they treat those who are less fortunate.

  2. The ONE big thing is pouring HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars down a rathole for this Iraq war.

    One wants to stop the war, the other wants to continue it.
    Shutting off the money spigot for that war would solve ALL our other problems.

  3. Jason Says:

    I am not casting a vote for either one. I am going to write in Heidi Reed for President of these United States. A vote for Heidi is a vote for our economy. A vote for Heidi is a vote for decent health care. A vote for Heidi is a vote for pregnant woman parking in the very front of every Target across this land. A vote for Heidi is a vote for CHANGE!!!

    Actually I am voting for John McCain, I think Heidi would make a great president but the minute someone pisses her off she will probably turn their country to glass. On second thought….

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Jason: Stop it!! You crack me the heck up!!! ROFL!!!


  5. Shannon Says:

    I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for, it was going to be McCain or no one, but after he chose Sarah Palin, my vote goes for him. I LOVE her. I love that she isn’t typical Washington, if you ask me we need more everyday people in there, and need to start cleaning house in the Senate and House. Those people get to be in there to long, and get absolutely nothing done. I have a few important issues to me ( Heidi I think you know what they are) but in this election, there are other important things to take into consideration.

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