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Greenergy September 16, 2008

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Go Green!

I should admit that until recently I could have given a rat’s you-know-what about “going green”. It just seemed so Hollywood trendy to me — useless and California tree hugger. Ick! Granola as one of my closest friends, LB, would say. I am not granola. I don’t even like granola.


My parents did teach me how to not waste things. I’ve also taught myself (or maybe I take after my dad) not to horde things. I can’t STAND to save crap I don’t need. I am in the process of mailing boxes full of girl winter clothes up to my sister and brother for their kids. If this child I am carrying is a boy, I will send them the Motherload of summer clothes in the spring. I have so many little girl clothes I can outfit their girls plus give some cute outfits to my friend’s daughters. Brianna’s grandparents have gone NUTS buying her pretty little outfits. And. I. Save. Nothing. Beyond. Its. Need.

Well lately I’ve been thinking about my electric bill. It’s astronomical. It’s almost as much as both of my car payments combined. It is 1/4 of my mortgage payment. It is ridiculous! So for one month I tried to leave lights off and I turned up the AC so it didn’t run so much and I turned the fans off and I shut down my computer every single night before bed and I thought I would have made a dent in my bill. Know what happened? I drove myself nuts following everyone around the house being sure they cut the lights and used less energy and water and I recycled my butt off. It saved me a whopping [drumroll please] $8.00. Yes. Eight dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s it.

I am still trying to do my part. I will plant a couple trees in our yard this spring. I will try to reduce, reuse, and recycle. But for eight measely dollars on my electric bill — COME ON!! I am through with that.

Have you gone green?


4 Responses to “Greenergy”

  1. Ginger Bliss Says:

    We did the same thing….made the house dark & hot, strung clothes outside on the fence around the pool and on every chair in my house to not run the dryer so much and yet still no relief on the electric bill. Bill was on the phone with someone from FPL one day and telling them about all our attempts to save some money and they told him that because of the high gas prices…it was costing them more to run their trucks around town so FPL ends up charging us more. And so we see more effects of living in a fuel driven society. FPN need some hybrid trucks.

  2. daphne Says:

    I try. Kinda.
    I did a post about it and am not sure how to link it but it was on Aug. 12th.
    no idea if that will work.
    Funny you asked that question because before I came here, I was searching for some green ideas I want to try.
    My next small step will prolly be bushing my teeth with baking soda.

  3. anne Says:

    Does your electric company do a “budget plan”? We pay the same amount every month and it trues up at the end of the year — that way for our high use months (summer) we pay a reasonable amount and it catches up on our lower use months (winter..we have gas heat).

    It doesn’t save us any money per say, but it at least makes things more predictable. We do the same with our gas bill!

    We recycle everything we can and have switched to reusable bottles whenever possible instead of plastic bottles. The next baby, we’re switching to cloth diapers. (maybe) 🙂

  4. Going green?

    Yeah…I love green beans…green salad…green peas…but I do draw the line with green jello–just can’t do it…oh, and I love green money…and I love cutting my green grass. How is that for going green?

    Not really into all of this media blitz about going green. I don’t waste. I’m with you on not saving stuff I don’t need. I don’t buy what I don’t need either. So…I’m not wasting…

    I’ve tried turning down the AC or turning it up. I’ve tried turning off the lights. I’ve been out of town for two weeks at a time…and had the air way up! Only to come back, get my bill and it be higher! When you call the power company, the answer is always…”Well, our costs are up…” Or, the one I really love, “Next month, it will be lower…”

    Well, they are liars…it ain’t never lower! Never!

    So…I’ll gladly spend my extra $8 a month and enjoy a cool night!

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