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Love at First Application September 21, 2008

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Mineral Make Up
I Heart You!

Have you tried this yet?
What do you think?
I am absolutely SOLD!!


12 Responses to “Love at First Application”

  1. Debateur Says:

    Is that Bare Essentials ? I’ve heard a lot of possible feedback on that. Personally though i don’t wear make-up so I don’t know.

  2. anne Says:

    I love it. I use Bare Essentuals and won’t use anything else other than that ever again.

  3. Okay…you finally are off onto a subject I have no knowledge of…

  4. candidchatter Says:

    The kind I bought is made by L’Oreal called Bare Naturale All Over Mineral Glow. Oh yes ma’am I have found my new thing. I use my regular foundation, then I glow myself. Usually that’s it. Sometimes I wear eye make up, but mostly just my glow. Ha!! I love it!!!!!


  5. And here I thought your glow was natural…

    Another myth shattered to hades!

  6. Ali Says:

    Never tried it – don’t wear much as is – tell us what you like about it. – or did I miss that earlier???

  7. jimmy paravane Says:

    M. Steve I’m shocked! How did you get to be this old and not know the secret? Men don’t need to wear makeup. Because when it comes to men’s faces, for women, it’s all about the eyes. (grin)

  8. Eyes are the window to the soul, right?

  9. candidchatter Says:

    You silly, silly boys! Women are not as much into looks. We are more into security, sensitivity, and sense of humor.

    Ali: I bought it on the claim that is healthier for our skin than regular make up because of the absence of unnatural ingredients. I fell in love with it because it reduces the appearance of my pores, evens my skin tone (for real), and kisses my skin like I’ve been in the sun for an hour. It is the lightest stuff I’ve ever worn on my face (like baby powder). It doesn’t settle into the fine lines and it doesn’t melt off of my face like other products can when I sweat. I am not big on make up anymore. I take excellent care of my skin, but I only use foundation and mineral make up unless I’m in the mood to play up my eyes. Lipstick bit the dust when I met my husband b/c he won’t kiss me if I have it on.


  10. daphne Says:

    I use BE. Love it, especially the eye make up.

  11. wbppsh7 Says:

    Thanks for informing me better – I was kind of wondering if the hype was really all that good. Now at least I know someone who does use it and can validate the hype! (I don’t mean hype in a bad way either, you know!)

  12. Jan Says:

    For us Gals beautifying our eyes is an art. Sorry guys. Thanks for the interesting article.

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