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Sunpass Snobbery September 23, 2008

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Here in Florida there is this magnificent stretch of road called the Florida Turnpike. It’s used by paying tolls. If you are a regular turnpike user, you can buy a Sunpass from a local grocer to save on tolls. Then you get to exit or enter the turnpike in the Sunpass lane, which keeps you from having to stop at the toll booth. You stick this device or sticker in your window beside your rearview mirror and wahlah you’re on your way.

I have become Florida’s biggest Sunpass snob ever!

I zoom right through that Sunpass lane and I don’t care who is meandering out of the toll booth lane, I wedge my way into the front. Such a snob. Such a brat.

I need to take it easy. I think if I’m not careful enough I might get a professional toll booth user beside me who knows how to play the merge game and then it might not be as simple as falling behind a car. It might cause a sideswiping accident.

Sunpass snobbery could get me in big trouble.

What are your
driving violations?


7 Responses to “Sunpass Snobbery”

  1. Jason Says:

    Toll booth? Turn pike? Heck girl here in Alabama we barely have any paved roads.

  2. Jason…don’t tell all of our secrets…we won’t get any yankees to move to our fair state to pay all of the extra taxes!

    The next person who tries to pull in front of you, just cut them off, jump out of the car…and say, “And you would do this to a pregnant woman!”

    Then, begin the discussion of how many children you have and why!

  3. Jason Says:

    but do it with a foreign accent…

  4. candidchatter Says:


  5. In south Florida…English might be foreign!

  6. wbppsh7 Says:

    I hate to say this but watch out if I’m coming out of that toll booth – I might just be the one to sideswipe you. I do not back off! But I have viable reasons. When I’m going as fast as the triffic in front of me and you meander up my right side thinking that you are going to get ahead of me…..THINK AGAIN! I will slam the door so hard on you that your bum will be sore for a month! I’m bad too, but only if someone forces me to be that way!

  7. Apologies for inserting update into post comment off topic.

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