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Thunderstruck October 8, 2008

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First of all, Brant Hansen of WayFM had a fun and hilarious idea this morning. He was asking if you could come out to fight a person competitively what would your song be after they introduce your name. You know, like think Rocky Balboa and stuff. Ha! I knew immediately. Oh freakin’ heck yes!!

by none other than AC DC

Not to mention how the hard rocking drive really cranks me this morning. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. My precious son decided to keep me awake off and on all darn night. I could not sleep.

My how a few days can really get under my skin.


You’ve been thunderstruck. Crank it!


4 Responses to “Thunderstruck”

  1. Heidi…okay, you are scaring me! You really are. First, you talk about dumb and dumber men…then you talk about things men shouldn’t do…now, you show helicopters shooting and blowing up things…is there a rationale behind your madness…

    I’m really hoping this wasn’t Rich! I really am…and, I’m concerned for your male child who kept you awake…

    I’m thinking if I were a male in your household, now might be the time for roses, dozens and dozens and dozens of roses, or chocolates…or new car…or boob job…

    Either that…or going on an extended vacation…

    I’m even a little afraid to comment on your blog…

    Just sign me…

    Michelle Stephanie…

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Uh “Michelle Stephanie” (ROFL!!): My husband is going to cringe when he reads your comment. He was upset over the “I Must be Crazy” post because several of our church friends read my blog. He didn’t like me airing our dirty laundry out in public like that. I tried to explain that the post was NOT about him… it was about ME. He is none too pleased. HE HAS BEEN FULLY FORGIVEN JUST SO THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS OF HIS FAITHFULNESS AND IT WAS OVER 4 YEARS AGO!! Not sure if that will help or not?? Blah!!

    The blowing up things video is really the only one that I could embed. The YouTube videos of AC/DC themselves are blocked from embedding so I had to choose that one. I wanted that song on here.

    Then I got to thinking…
    I could strangle about 5 people right now. I will not name names, but I am pretty stinkin’ sure they know who they are. The past 3-4 days have been a freakin’ joke around here. So my husband isn’t the only one who faced the wrath of Heidi as of late. He got the worst of it, unfortunately, because he is my husband and I am more free to let it rip with him (not that it’s right… I realize this).

    Yes we were arguing. But not everything in life that makes me angry is about him. Also, not everything I write on my blog is something I personally experienced. If it is I am usually pretty up front about that “this happened to me… this is all about me… this is what I learned from this…” and so on. Sometimes I choose to be evasive to protect loved ones.

    I am blabbering because I don’t want him to come home from work and say “See I told you so!!”


  3. bub Says:

    My song would be “I hope it rains at my funeral” by Whiskeytown. Especially if I have to fight Rocky Balboa.

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