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Don’t Be Me October 9, 2008

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I harp on something a lot. If you’re new to my blog, you may not know this.

Authentic living.

First of all, let me explain something. Authentic Christianity doesn’t mean to run to the nearest blog and start dishing out all of your sins or past hurts. No. Don’t get me wrong. Please. Don’t read too much into it. Let God decide what He wants you to reveal. Let Him be the One who chooses your topic. Pray. If you don’t feel peace with sharing something, then don’t. Pray over it. See what He decides and puts heavy on your heart. It might just be your grandma’s apple pie recipe. Or, like me, it might be revealing wicked ugly things that have lain unreconciled in your heart.

Secondly, what I mean by living authentically is just that. Don’t try to be such a rigid religious bible quoting theologian that you miss opportunities to look a bit imperfect (or real human). Don’t sit around judging Christians who say things that you might see as embarrassing or dishonoring. You have no idea what their prayer life is like or what God is revealing to them or how He wants to use them. None.

Finally, don’t assume that you know me. Don’t try to be like me. When I read Carlos’ blog and his revelations I cried. I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks and I just knew I had to do that too. Had to. God freed me as I typed. He corrected me when I got a little carried away. He was in control the entire time. I edited, rewrote, and revised every single post you read. Every one. If I didn’t walk away with peace over what was written I would go back and try again. What you read were the final versions. Some I wrote with agony. But once all was said and done and I had hit that “publish” button… peace. Utter peace.

Please note that I also interjected my sense of humor where I felt it was needed or wherever I thought “that’s what I would say if I were personally speaking this into being”. I try to make my blog as conversation-like and as real me as if you and I were chatting over coffee. So words like blow job, fart, hell, and such — that’s how I talk. Me. Real human Heidi Reed.

Put away your stones. Soften your hearts. Unoffend yourselves. Relax.

Don’t go painting the town’s billboards with your sins or your past or your struggles. But, again, don’t act like you are without them. Remember WHY Christ was nailed to the cross and what He and only He can and has delivered you from.

Take. A. Deep. Breath.

The end.


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