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His Morning Breath October 10, 2008

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There are certain things about our kids that nobody can possibly enjoy besides us, their parents. Like my son’s morning breath. To anyone else it might stink. To me it is a sweet, sharp smell that is just him. It is soothing and familiar.

Every morning my kids come to my room and crawl up in my bed and cuddle with me. This morning was no exception. Rich woke up with us and we all laid there laughing and tickling and playing for 20 minutes. It was heaven on earth. Little drops of paradise.

Brianna doesn’t have school today. We are going to drive down to meet Rich for lunch in a few hours. Another bit of family time in the middle of the day. We used to get that all the time. Now that Rich is back to a normal work environment we’ve had to adjust to only seeing him early in the morning and then in the evenings. At first it was hard on the kids. They cried for him a lot. Now he gets all of their stored up excitement when he walks through that door after a long drive home. He gets greeted like a King.

I’ve had little patience for disobedience lately. I don’t know how God does it being the “parent” of humanity. The disobedience would cause me, if I was God, to just blow the whole stinking planet up once and for all. Good thing for everyone that I’m not God.

I love my little ones. I know I will miss these young family times even though sometimes (ok a lot of times) I daydream about having some of myself back.

I’m going to miss Jeremy’s little boy morning breath.
And Brianna’s funny vocabulary.
And giggles, and tickles, and screams of joy.

I’ll miss it. I know. I know.

Try to take in some of what is really important today. Escape from your cluttered minds and hearts and try to focus on at least one thing that truly matters, that truly brings you joy.

Have a wonderful Friday and thanks again for stopping by my Candid Chatter.


4 Responses to “His Morning Breath”

  1. wbppsh7 Says:

    Funny, cause Regan’s breathe is just like her Daddy’s. The good thing is that I have got her back in the habit of “getting rid of the bad people” in her mouth in the mornings!! (Plus the dentist said that we needed to get in two brushings so…). I enjoyed this morning b/c I could finally carry Regan and not feel all weak. So, she said she wanted up when we were walking down the hallway in her school and I asked her if she wanted to be UP……side down and carried her out to the common area that way! She just giggled and giggled, I loved that today (so far!!)

  2. debateur Says:

    Funny I was thinking the same thing last night. I introduced my daughter to her very first bath bomb last night and just the innocent wonderment on her eyes. I’ll really miss that innocence when it goes away.

  3. Anita Says:

    Nice. I assure you, you are right!

    I saw you at Pete’s blog and decided that I should come over and offer you a hug. I know I’m a complete stranger, but I’m a fellow woman who also woke up in need of a hug today.

    You will miss the little bitty times with your kids, but the little bit bigger times will hold some really cool stuff that you can’t get now. And hopefully one day they’ll give you grandchildren so you can smell some sweet sharp morning breath again!

  4. Loanne Says:

    It is funny that I stumbled across your post about morning breath and children. Just a few minutes ago I lie next to my child, cuddling her, as we giggled about the stink in her breath. Alrighty, she had a cup of OJ prior to this moment so it had a little more twang behind it.

    Lovely posts.

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