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Dear Dad, I’m Sorry… October 13, 2008

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  1. That I played in your tools
  2. That I messed up the garage
  3. That I asked Grandpa if his pubic hair was gray like the hair on his head
  4. That I poured Drano in the fish tank
  5. That I stomped on that huge bug and then screamed when its guts squirted all over my legs
  6. That I kicked you in the crotch that one time
  7. That I made you go bald — I’m sure that was mostly my fault
  8. That I wrecked my bike into your car
  9. That I climbed on the roof out of your bathroom window when I was supposed to be taking a shower
  10. That I wrecked the Camaro the day I got my driver’s license

Dad — thank you that despite all the hell I put you through and all the names I called you and all the times I snuck out of the house to do God only knows what — thank you that despite all of that you are still my Dad and you still take time to talk to me on the phone and laugh with me over these things. I don’t know how you survived 19 years with me under your roof, but you did and we did and thank you. You provided so well for all of us. You make me laugh till I cry.

I Love You Maniac Dad (lol).

Your Maniac Daughter,


3 Responses to “Dear Dad, I’m Sorry…”

  1. Loanne Says:

    these are hilarious…thanks for sharing.

  2. These are great…but, what else are dads for?

    It comes with the territory…

  3. sjcall Says:

    ah, I wish I could have told my dad things like these before he died – he would have laughed too!!! Enjoy the blessing in a wonderful father that you have!

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