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Unspoiled October 19, 2008

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My dear sweet Jeremy has the most innocent eyes. I was cuddling with him today just gazing into his precious face noticing his trust and love and complete lack of worldliness. It almost moved me to tears. In fact, I had a lot of tear sucking up to do. You know how that catches in the back of your throat.

I’ve had a rough 2 or 3 weeks and seeing him like that made my heart ache — in a good way.

Yesterday we watched a man practice shooting hoops. Jeremy didn’t notice the man’s appearance. He only noticed that he was a man who plays basketball — a sport my son loves.

Many days a week we watch men cut and trim grass around town. Where I live, some of the landscaping at businesses and in certain neighborhoods is stunning and lush and very tropical paradise. Jeremy doesn’t see the workers as anything other than a bunch of hard working men cutting grass. He pretends every day that he is a landscaper too. He loves lawnmowers.

My son is teaching me to see the people of our community as he does. An innocent two year old has more friendliness in his little heart than any adult I know — including me. He will wave and smile at absolutely anyone with a pulse. He is amazing.

He is unspoiled.
Untouched by the world.
Unaware that anyone is different.

My daughter is noticing our differences now: short or tall, dark or light, blue eyes or brown eyes, long hair or short hair, socks or no socks. But the one thing she doesn’t notice is pretty or ugly. She doesn’t see that. She has never said anything suggesting that she does. People are just people to her. She sees the differences, but they don’t mean anything to her. Pure hearted.

I’m sure this is what Jesus meant in the Scriptures when He said the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the little children (Mat 19:14). He is giving the Kingdom to the pure in heart. I don’t blame Him. I would give my Kingdom to them too.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”
Mat 5:8

Forgive my many sins and shortcomings. Help me to have a pure heart. Help me to see only what my children see. Help me to overcome the trappings of this world. Help me because I am unable to do it on my own. I fail every time.

Disclaimer: This post is about me and my children. Period. If any of it seems like your life — well, again, pure coincidence.


4 Responses to “Unspoiled”

  1. Ivan Says:

    This is a beautiful post. That’s how I interpret Mat 19:14 too (I am just a learner of course). So much of what’s written in the Gospels I find very moving and immediate.

  2. Lana Says:

    hey, heidi,
    what do you see when you see those men doing landscaping?
    i’m just curious.

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Lana: I started a long answer to this, but I am going to shorten it. Today I see the men of this country who are persecuted the most. There are a myriad of bumper stickers and hateful e-mails circulating that put these men down and it makes me so angry. Jeremy is teaching me to see just hard working men trying to make a living instead of a social class or someone to take pity on.

    In the past I have been prejudiced. It was a long time ago and I think it started to change when I was in my 20s. My ex-husband, for all of his horrible traits, was not prejudiced even slightly. He helped me overcome my thinking. From there it was probably faith that helped me get to where I am today. I cannot elaborate further on here so I am emailing you. I have “watchdogs” on my site who are strictly out to judge me and scrutinize every little thing that I say to make themselves somehow feel superior. Others are here for one reason and that is to see if what I say is about them. The unbelievable arrogance I’ll tell you. So the rest in e-mail.


  4. Well put Heidi. The tragedy is that children learn from their parents. they learn prejudice, hate, color differences, name calling, etc most often from those who should know better. Oh, for those days of unspoiled.

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