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Natural Valium October 29, 2008

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Joke courtesy of Google Images

I finally did it.

I had a few blogs in my Google Reader that annoyed me. Every time they would turn bold because their authors had written a post I would roll my eyes and usually save them to read last. I knew that one in particular would make my blood boil. That one got clean under my skin. Blah!!

So why did I keep reading them? I’m a glutton for punishment I suppose.

But I finally deleted them.

And now I’m a happy camper blogger. And I don’t need Valium. Life is good.

Ever delete a blog
for any reason?
Don’t reveal the blog name;
just tell me the reason.


6 Responses to “Natural Valium”

  1. I am so technologically challenged Heidi that I am not sure what a blog reader is. but i have deleted a post that came in. I was asked if I was the one sending in posts to her husband’s blog under the name of Bill that were derogatory. I sent her a personal email explaining why it was not and could not be me. Then I deleted the post.

  2. I do try to clean up my blog roll and reader. I don’t have time to read those blogs that I don’t really like…life is just too short…

    I have to leave time to come back and get a good dose of Heidi’s chatter…

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: I can baby step you thru Google reader if you’d like. Email me if you’re interested — It’s really easy actually. You probably won’t need help. If you can set up a blog you can set up Google reader. Seriously. It’s simple.

    Steve: You are so funny! But thank you for coming back. 🙂


  4. wbppsh7 Says:

    I don’t to Reader either. However I have favorites on my internet and there is one I don’t read anymore because (**GASP**) it was just too deep for me.

  5. Follow up to your comment:

    Oh my gosh, girly, it is great to hear from you… isn’t Google reader a tricky thing ?… Sometimes it wont take certain blogs I try to subscribe to (even google blogs and I am a googler), and sometimes they drop a blog radomly. I-D-O-N-T-G-E-T-I-T. Anywho, I have 50 to 75 junior highers coming over tomorrow. No, I am not freaking out. No, I am not freaking out. No, I am not freaking out (if I reapeat it over and over I believe it :0). I gave our home to our junior high pastor to use for their Halloween party this year. We usually stay and help with the children’s harvest festival, but this year he wants it to be an out reach so we are even calling it a Halloween party. Progressive, I know. :0) We are going to have tons for the kids to do, tons of junk food and all that good stuff. My reward is I told hubby I am finally calling to have carpets cleaned next week. Never done before so I am really excited (such a dork I know, but truely, I am giddy about having the carpets cleaned)! Blessings to you and yours and have a great candy fest tomorrow! ~Roxx

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Roxx: I don’t know who is crazier — me or YOU!! I submit it’s you this time. Clean anything makes me excited. Those were the days. LOL!!


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